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Island Of The Snake People ( FULL FREE MOVIE )Isle of the Snake People is a 1971 film directed by Juan Ib??ez and starring Boris Karloff and Julissa. The film was produced by Ibanez for Azteca Films. The film was released as La muerte viviente in the United States as a Spanish-language film. It was later released for television and dubbed over in English. The film is also known as Cult of the Dead (in Hungary) and Snake People (in the UK).Isle of the Snake People is one of four low-budget Mexican horror films Karloff made in a package deal with Mexican producer Luis Vergara. The others are The Incredible Invasion, The Fear Chamber, and House of Evil. Karloff's scenes for all four films were directed by Jack Hill in Los Angeles in the spring of 1968. The films were then completed in Mexico. All four films were released after Karloff's death.

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