Metro Meeting in Monterey Park 7/23/2013 фильм майор 2013 смотреть онлайн полностью метро фильм 2013 смотреть онлайн полностью

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This is only the comments section of the meeting since all three meetings were cookie cutter presentations with the same technical jargon. The Monterey Park residents were hostile & unpleasant including the Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian. Barbara Messina & Steve Placido were there to cheerlead the tunnel as usual. Please note a question by one lady (a resident of Alhambra that lives on Fremont) about the length of the tunnel. She questioned why our group mentioned the length of the two bore tunnel was 9 miles long. When it was clarified as 4.5 X 2= 9 miles, she did not understand & claimed it was only 8 miles long. The Mayor of Monterey Park also appeared mathematically challenged & applauded the confused lady's statement that 4.5 X 2 equal only 8 miles & the NO710 members did not have our facts straight. Monterey Park residents think they are tunnel experts comparing Bay Area BART system, a people mover, with the SR-710 tunnel that will handle vehicles. Tunnels in Norway & Australia & the UK/France were being used as examples of their uniformed rationale. None of these examples are of the same diameter as the SR-710 is being proposed. Faulty examples, faulty logic & mathematically challenged indeed. They really have no clue what they are talking about.One East Los Angeles resident complained that the tunnel will go under the wealthy communities. Did I miss something here?, did El Sereno strike gold & got moved up the economic chain. Monterey Park, & Alhambra are perpetuating a class war on South Pasadena, totally ignoring El Sereno because it does not benefit this narrative.

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