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F-35 vs Sukhoi T-50 (PAK-FA) - Which is Superior_ 50

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Комментарии (202)
0 # 16 августа 2013 в 09:55 0
I predict that the PAK FA will be a huge failure just like many other Russian projects like the Mig 1,42 and Yak141
0 # 16 августа 2013 в 12:22 0
The F-35 look more superior than T-50. The capability of F-35 of vertical landing and take off is an advantage for F-35. The internal weapons pylon in F-35 also giving an advantage to F-35 and with this the technology the opponent aircraft do not know what exactly weapons carry by the F-35. The ability to communicate to space satellite also an good advantage compare to T-50 by the way the outlook design I give to T-50.
0 # 16 августа 2013 в 13:14 0
Is this video a joke ???? F-35 vs Su T-50 Pak FaSU T-50 Pak Fa is superior.In every look of aspect.It is a F-35 vs Su-34 but maybe we can talk about that but this waste of time on this story.
0 # 16 августа 2013 в 13:15 0
Good GOD what i will read next from you P-51 Mustang is far superior from MIG 23, because MIG 23 is big target hehehe...The most stupidest thing I ever read about aircraft ``BIG TARGET``This not a WWII and AAA guns...PLZ don`t talk about aircraft when you don't know what keeping aircraft in flight.Again i ask you don't talk about aircraft PLZ
0 # 16 августа 2013 в 15:58 0
You have very big philological problems if you did not know.And first look yourself and around yourself then say something to other person.Typical when you don`t know answer and when people show you how much your are not smart then you go attacking something else just to be so proud of yourself. You can not accept a truth.We talk about aircraft , and you go on women whores and crazy children`s. Lets see your wife and your children how will be.``The apple doesn't fall far from tree``
0 # 16 августа 2013 в 17:13 0
Почему сравнить F-35? Это просто глупо! Я думаю, мы все знаем, что Т-50 будет возглас F-35 задницу! Вы должны были выбрать F-22 или F-15 для сравнения!
0 # 16 августа 2013 в 19:13 0
Lets wait fir the F35 to be tested in a real war before making judgments that are based on disinformation and propaganda
0 # 16 августа 2013 в 21:06 0
Asshole, when aerodynamics and or stealth determine a shape, then things are going to look the same. Google the Shinshin or AMCA.
0 # 16 августа 2013 в 22:41 0
us thinks to much about themselves india and russia together will kick their bum to hell. all the f series aircraft of the usa are originally copies of the mikoyan mig 21 and you tell russia copies usa's aircraft.think twice about it
0 # 17 августа 2013 в 05:24 0
T-50 is the best
0 # 17 августа 2013 в 07:10 0
U.S. and Russia would do well to finally forget about the cold war. The U.S. does not want Russia and Russia can not attack the United States. What they can but to work together against terror, crime and corruption. Vielleich you should think about it, instead of always looking at one another wrong times.
0 # 17 августа 2013 в 07:35 0
dont care which is better but if they were cars the russian one would get more ladies for ya as way cooler looking
0 # 17 августа 2013 в 13:59 0
answer based on ZERO fact. F35 gets killed by PAK-FA. Now F22 and PAK FA we can have an argument..... fact is f35 cant dogfight and cant dodge missiles. Cant escape and cant pursue
0 # 17 августа 2013 в 18:08 0
Many years we have stuped leaders Hrushev, Brejnev, stuped idiot Gorbachev! But now we have Putin, good leader! Europe and USA sad that him KGB agent, bandit or just bad man! Maybe they fear him? Maybe they know his power?)
0 # 17 августа 2013 в 19:19 0
эм, сколько тебе лет?
0 # 18 августа 2013 в 01:26 0
You are expert? What you know about warplanes? Only that you see on BBC and CNN. I sure you think that the Abrams the best tank? Ok good. Abrams is the best!) M-4 best rifle!) You are a best country. I,m russian Air Trooper and we like say "Who hurt Russia, will have problems with us! I'm not say that we strongest country, but you realy mistake if you think that you can win in war vs us!
0 # 18 августа 2013 в 02:55 0
Russia knows its conventional forces would be slaughtered by the shear might of American technology. That's why most of the defense budget is devoted to their nuclear deterrent because that's the only hope of being conquered
0 # 18 августа 2013 в 07:06 0
T50=Russian Crap. F22 and F35=*American engineering work if art
0 # 18 августа 2013 в 13:11 0
I'm russian. And i know one thing. If it need be for my country. I go to other continents, planets and realms and i'm destroy any enemy! Our power not in the gadgets, our power in hearts and we all our history do things that can't do any other nationality! Sorry for my english, i hope yoy understand me.
0 # 18 августа 2013 в 14:04 0
I think you don't understand what i mean, i'm not need war, but if it need for my country i do it! Your information is not 100% correct. And you think USA is a ideal country? In my country school children don't come to school with guns and dont kill theirs friends. My country not go to Iraq and Iran and not bring "democracy". My country don't try say what need doing other countrys. We don't start wars, but USA do it. Vietnam, Iraq many times, Iran. Siria.
0 # 18 августа 2013 в 15:14 0
0 # 19 августа 2013 в 02:24 0
USA didn't start the Vietnam war lol
0 # 19 августа 2013 в 05:45 0
In your country the children for drugs, vodka and bring plastic bags. In your country, the murder rate is four times higher than in the U.S.. In your country people are sentenced desire for Putin. In your country so there is no democracy, so Russia can never export democracy. Only bombs and torture, looking to Chechnya. I've also worked for several years in Russia and know of what I speak.
0 # 19 августа 2013 в 06:32 0
Hahahaha, what a stupid nonsense, because you are playing here. Maybe you should re-read the official press releases from the government aim, as far as the murder rate. And as far as the Islamist extremists, no, I'm not on their side, but apparently you think that the Taliban had not murdered. But that does not justify crimes against the civilians, neither Russian, nor U.S. soldiers.
0 # 19 августа 2013 в 08:53 0
I am in business travel between the U.S., Panama and Brazil and I can assure that there is more poverty in the U.S. about 70 million live in extreme poverty is like 7 times the population of Paraguay or Bolivia but extremely poor that's U.S.! and his great democracy!.U.S. hides many inhumane things within its territory and those who cover up are the famous CNN and other lackeys of the government expansionist!
0 # 19 августа 2013 в 09:58 0
I am American and our president can kill you for thinking differently and call it terrorism. No trial no jury they can just kill you now. USA is corrupt as hell under Obama
0 # 19 августа 2013 в 10:17 0
Bush is guilty of crimes too, Obama is the one who made it so the gov't can kidnap you during the night and murder or torture you without any trial or due process.
0 # 19 августа 2013 в 10:31 0
The country was BETTER than it is now at the end of Bush's term. Obama has only made everything many times worse.
0 # 19 августа 2013 в 12:24 0
1 in 10 people will get ill from cancer in US, spend the money to find the cure. USA NO.1?????????
0 # 19 августа 2013 в 14:17 0
Americans are waking up from the bull shit.
0 # 19 августа 2013 в 18:06 0
чё ты сними базаришь?)))) у них другое мышление . они думают им внушили что они лучше всех и выше. и только когда их поимеют они поймут что они лохи!!!!!!! ясно же что наша военная техника и их это небо и земля!! пусть думают что они круче.
0 # 19 августа 2013 в 20:07 0
the only thing what pak fa does nt have is the vtol mode.
0 # 19 августа 2013 в 22:33 0
f35=dalmata funny & t50=doberman worrior
0 # 19 августа 2013 в 22:33 0
0 # 20 августа 2013 в 00:54 0
BVR f-35 would most likely win. This is because of better stealth. other then that pak-fa would win in all other scenarios.
0 # 20 августа 2013 в 04:06 0
duhhh tell me about it!!!
0 # 20 августа 2013 в 04:39 0
Every OBJECTIVE article written about the pak fa and F22 states that no air raft except the F35 even comes close to the F22 s radar performance and sensor suite that give it exceptional situational awareness such that the F22 pilot can pretty much pick and choose the terms of engagement while other aircraft including the pak fa would be pretty much left at it's mercy. Even British typhoon pilots who have actually flown the Raptor have said hands down that the F22 is the best fighter in the world
0 # 20 августа 2013 в 13:21 0
What happened to 100Kw laser?, figure out that it's not possible or practical :P
0 # 20 августа 2013 в 14:08 0
Yes Northrop Grumann has made major breakthroughs in reducing the size and the F35 will be armed with a workable 100kw laser gun. Read it and weep. The pak fa is already obsolete
0 # 20 августа 2013 в 15:10 0
When the F35 is armed with the rumored 100 kw laser gun lets see which aircraft would have the advantage at shorter distance when all the missiles are gone.
0 # 20 августа 2013 в 18:52 0
why bother with this F35 vs PAK-FA there not even the same class of aircraft. PAK= air superiority fight, F-35= multirole fighter with more ground attack in mind. so a more likley vs would be F22 vs PAK, due to the face that a flight of F-35 wouldn't fly alone withouy escourt.
0 # 20 августа 2013 в 19:05 0
I don't like neither of them.
0 # 21 августа 2013 в 02:22 0
funny thing is - there is absolutely no way to compare the two. the only thing that we can compare today is aerodynamics (which t-50 has superior), and that's it. radars, fire control systems, weapons, and everything else that each airplane has is top secret. so there really could be no argument here about which airplane is better - it is unknown.
0 # 21 августа 2013 в 11:17 0
f 35 looks like yak 141
0 # 21 августа 2013 в 11:25 0
Did you guys know that the later models of the F35 will be armed with a 100kw laser gun that can essentially slice a missile in half and burn a hole through a plane from 6 miles out? Imagine an F35 about to enter the merge after having shot all it's missiles and destroying maybe 4 or 5 Russian su 35s. Then the pilot tracks a pak fa 11 km out with his Helmut mounted sight and fires the laser? Who do you think is going to get the short end of that engagement? Laser beams can't get jammed
0 # 21 августа 2013 в 14:52 0
estos los pidio chavez para venezuela una flota espero verlo materializado verdaderos aviones
0 # 21 августа 2013 в 15:00 0
The pak fa won't even be introduced in service until 2025 to 2030. By then the US will have a 6th generation fighter maybe unmanned
0 # 21 августа 2013 в 18:08 0
It's not even close. PAK FA would destroy the F35 and has in competition. The fact is US taxpayers spent a trillion dollars on something that is not capable of doing what it was designed to do and they are stripping off more and more to make it do ANYTHING of use. Maybe we will get it right on our 6th gen fighter in 2025
0 # 22 августа 2013 в 02:25 0
Problem is it is not a multi role. It was built to be one but isnt. Yes it can strike, but if attacked by almost any modern Jet, especially 5th Gen, it has very low possibility of survival. Thats the argument. US is not building anymore F22s. So this is supposed to be our 5th gen to combat PAKs and J-20s, but it is so sub par we have to make F22s last because they are the only ones that can compete.
0 # 22 августа 2013 в 19:50 0
It does mean they are not as good, a simple search will show you how subpar they are. I dont hear an argument here....
0 # 22 августа 2013 в 20:00 0
Maybe you have not heard but the PAK FA does all that and its a far superior dogfighter. There is tons of data out there about this, I'm not pulling this out of my ass. I'm American, I wish it were not so but it is my friend.
0 # 22 августа 2013 в 22:42 0
(part 2) I think we're just going to wait and see how the T-50 performs once cleared for combat duty, and I don't mean the slow shit at low altitudes that you see Su's perform at airshows nowadays. Heck, I would like to see any Su take of the way the F-22 does and goes verticle. That shows true power. @ WVR a pilot can count on his missile to do most of the work, pulling many more g's, and thus no need to get on its foe's tail (unless going to guns, which doesn't happen too often any more).
0 # 23 августа 2013 в 02:02 0
IRST is not all taht its cracked up to be. There are many drawbacks, like humidity, clouds, moisture, etc. The best IRST at MMRCA was found to be on the EF, and it could at best pick out a target at 20 nm.
0 # 23 августа 2013 в 05:17 0
The fate of the F-35 Lightning II would be far worse in an air combat environment challenged by the PAK-FA. If the Mach 1.5 PAK-FA is using its infrared sensor as the primary sensor and observes radio frequency emission control (EMCON), then the first detection by the F-35’s APG-81 radar could be at ~20 nautical miles or less with a missile launched by the PAK-FA’s infrared sensors already inbound from 60 to 70 nautical miles away.
0 # 23 августа 2013 в 11:43 0
The PAK-FA could easily break to a direction outside the F-35’s AIM-120 engagement zone. The sustained turning performance of the F-35A Lightning II was recently disclosed as 4.95 G at Mach 0.8 and 15,000 ft.The consequence of such inferior JSF performance is that its DAS might detect an incoming missile, but the aircraft lacks the turn-rate to out-fly it.
0 # 23 августа 2013 в 14:59 0
well you would think so right.. but dogfighting is not as common at you would think.. missiles is what usually brings down jets... in reality Avionics is something that can really make a difference despite maneuverable... i would consider both aircraft to have pretty much the same stealth.. actually f-35 has a better chance of detecting the Pak-FA first.. and getting first look gives a HUGE advantage.. so i donno what to tell you man... Pak-FA is scary nonetheless ..
0 # 23 августа 2013 в 15:34 0
Obvious troll is obvious.
0 # 23 августа 2013 в 16:47 0
Impracticality? It's a known fact that Russian fighter aircraft are maintenance nightmares. Electrical components burn out easily and engine life us considerably less than their western counterparts. The Algerian government rejected a batch if 28 Mig29sSmts because of substandard quality. The F35 s radar is designed to last for the life of the airframe and it's F135 jet engine is an absolute beast
0 # 23 августа 2013 в 16:50 0
Yeah except they are still 20 years behind. PAF KA used F-22's design.
0 # 23 августа 2013 в 18:40 0
you forgot.. SU-35 (1988)... F-15 (1972).. F-22 (2005).... Pak-FA(2015-2016)... i see a nice patter of 10 years behind if you ask me... and you can still argue that the Pak-fa is inferior to the f-22 raptor.. technological russia still has some catching up..
0 # 24 августа 2013 в 01:54 0
The F35 would totally kick the pak fas ass in combat. It's technology is at least 20 to 30 years ahead. The pak fa has terrible stealth especially from the rear. It would be detected way before it knew the F35 was around
0 # 24 августа 2013 в 03:50 0
You want to know the truth about Russian fighters please google FOR HEAVENS SAKE DON'T BUY THE MIG35
0 # 24 августа 2013 в 05:34 0
Vete singar tu Madre y tu abuela
0 # 24 августа 2013 в 09:44 0
jajajajaja Eso ni tu puta madre te lo cree.
0 # 24 августа 2013 в 13:23 0
Americans raptors piece of shit comparing to Russian - T50 PAK FA!! Google it, if u so stupid. :D
0 # 24 августа 2013 в 13:43 0
Range, Turn Radius, Climb rate, Maximum speed (PakFa goes 100 MPH more)...the list goes on. The only thing PakFa loses out on is stealth, compared to the F-22 the PakFa loses out on stealth ALOT. But the compromise was for aerodynamics. PakFa is more aerodynamic and manouverable, it climbs faster and can turn better. F-22 RCS 0.0001m2PakFa RCS - 0.01m2. Still if you do the research (i mean proper research) you'll find PakFa is better in all aspects except stealth.
0 # 24 августа 2013 в 16:06 0
aircraftDOTwikiaDOTcom /wiki/F-22_Raptor_versus_Sukho­i_PAK-FAThis is a real source i could find so far, especially wiki, but wiki isnt always reliable source for stuff as things dont get updated at time and theres alots of estimates and conspiracies.
0 # 24 августа 2013 в 17:56 0
here i did actual research... the Pak-fa to speed of from 2,100 Km... the f-22 has a rumored to speed of 2,500 km (still classified).. stealth with out anything thinking f-22 takes it... Pak-fa has longer range... avionics- f-22 takes it... BVR capabilities f-22 takes it... Pak-fa has better maneuverability... but the f-22 has a better chance of detecting the Pak-fa first and get the first shot in.. i see the Pak-fa at a disadvantage..
0 # 24 августа 2013 в 18:00 0
huh? no there still things getting upgraded... the f-22 will be equipped with the soon to come, New CUDA missile... f-22 was built for upgrades.. to much to write but one example its the radars... the Pak-fa will only be able to detect the f-22 at a range of 80 Km (wich is the best so far) but the f-22 can see the Pak-fa at a range of 120 km.. and other reasons to.. anyone can tell you tho avionics f-22 takes it.. done research on both..
0 # 24 августа 2013 в 21:51 0
Would you like the Budget reports of 2010?
0 # 24 августа 2013 в 22:04 0
The Raptors top speed with after burners is actually classified but is at least mach 2.6. The T50 top speed is mach 2.25. Si the Raptor is faster. You obviously are misinformed and don't know what you are talking about.
0 # 25 августа 2013 в 02:21 0
The F22 and F35 have better radars better weapons integration via sensor fusion and American pilots have better training and much more combat experience than their Russian peers. The T50 kinematic performance will not save it from superior avionics and pilot skill.
0 # 25 августа 2013 в 23:11 0
Maximum speed of F-22 at altitude is Mach 2.25 (1,500mph, 2,410km/h)Your claim is invalid. Costs dont matter, as far as your nation can purchase them, US can purchase way more than Europe, Russia, China and India combined.
0 # 26 августа 2013 в 00:48 0
Sorry but at the end of the day what is going to determine victory in aerial combat is 1 pilot training and proficiency 2 superior avionics 3 superior weapons integration. For example the Mig 15 had better manuevrability and better high altitude performance than the F86. Why then did the F86 have a 10 to 1 kill ratio? Because of better pilots and the F86 had a radar aimed gunsight allowing much better accuracy and more kills. The same applies with the F22 and F35 vs. T50.
0 # 26 августа 2013 в 04:25 0
The F35 has the rcs of a golf ball the F22 that if a bee and the T50 if a full grown person
0 # 26 августа 2013 в 09:36 0
and the info came from? your sick imagination? if so, then it's surely is an approved reliable source!
0 # 26 августа 2013 в 10:09 0
That was an old exercise when both F-22 and F-35 were in development.
0 # 26 августа 2013 в 10:18 0
WW2 style dogfighting is a relic of the past. Even if the T50 is more manuevrable it is only by a very insignificant and irrelevant margin. The F22 is faster stealthier and has a mire advanced LPI radar. The T50 radar does not have LPI mode. It's infrared tracking is 20 years behind the DAS found in the F35. The Amraam and aim9x can turn more than 40g. There's no way the T50 is going to outmanuever a missile with a 40g plus turn rate.
0 # 26 августа 2013 в 12:46 0
0 # 26 августа 2013 в 18:20 0
these western companies better get on the ball because those f-35s and f-22s are sitting duck for pak fa. im not just just saying this out of opinion cause i'm Canadian and i'm scared to death of the pak fa.
0 # 26 августа 2013 в 18:28 0
You must be smoking some good crack. American pilots had a 10 to 1 kill ratio against the Mig 15 some of which were piloted by Russian pilots during the Korean War. These pilots were nicknamed honchos. Don't believe the propoganda American pilots kicked the shit out of both north Korean and Russian pilots.
0 # 26 августа 2013 в 23:41 0
I don't understand why so many people are so hot to prove the "best fighter" in the world! Both F-22 and this fighter are good 5th gen systems. If anything they should be fighting side-by-side! The real enemies of freedom are revealed!
0 # 27 августа 2013 в 01:02 0
hey rams look at a roller which su37 against f22 is called. and everything is clear at once who there is who
0 # 27 августа 2013 в 06:49 0
fool! ! ! the sou 35 is much more maneuverable f22
0 # 27 августа 2013 в 07:40 0
Please remember that the F86 was designed to counter the MiG15 and the MiGs were only designed to take out bombers. and also remember that it was chinese and north korean pilots flying the MiGs the russian pilots were far superior
0 # 27 августа 2013 в 11:06 0
T-50 is number 1 !
0 # 27 августа 2013 в 12:49 0
You my friend must be high on crack. The T50 is just a cheap wannabe F22 prototype. The F22 will defeat any current or projected fighter in the foreseeable future.
0 # 27 августа 2013 в 15:34 0
The Chinese are investing heavily in trying to steal the F35s technology. There are also classified and unknown to the public capabilities that the F35 wields. I suspect these include the use of aerial laser weapons and electromagnetic pulse weapons designed to fry the circuits of enemy radars rendering it blind. I don't see the pentagon panicking over the T50 because they know the true capabilities of the F35. All this talk that the T50 is more agile and faster is a bunch of hot air.
0 # 27 августа 2013 в 17:21 0
Close in aerial dogfighting is becoming increasingly irrelevant as the reliability and lethality of missiles have increased dramatically. The F35 takes this into account. It's radar and avionics suite is vastly superior to Russian technology. It will not need to get close to the T50 to defeat it. It will have 180 km range amraams and Hit to kill CUDA missiles to do the job. It is much stealthier than the T50. Because of superior electronics and stealth it would have the heads up in any engagemen
0 # 27 августа 2013 в 19:02 0
And the SU 50 lacks the integrated avionics found in the F35. The SU 50 can be the most agile fighter in the world but this won't help it escape an amraam that can turn 40g or a CUDA missile that can turn 75g. A less stealthy plane like the SU 50 means it will be a sitting duck to extremely agile and fast missiles fired by aircraft it cannot see.
0 # 27 августа 2013 в 19:14 0
PAK-FA is a joint venture of Russia and India, right? Why dont u put that in ur video?
0 # 27 августа 2013 в 22:09 0
If the F35 is a piece of junk like so many claim why are the Chinese dedicating so many resources to steal technical information on the plane?. The chinese are desperate because they know the F35 brings new capabilities that threaten their own strategic interests. Lockheed Martin has had to spend hundreds of millions of dollars with the help of the US government to thwart dedicated Chinese hackers eager to steal the planes technology.
0 # 27 августа 2013 в 22:48 0
такое же сравнение, как сравнить птицу и коровью лепёху))
0 # 28 августа 2013 в 00:37 0
You are right, the F-22 is a fantastic machine, and Sukhoi T-50 too.The F-35 is too ugly for my seeing pleasure.
0 # 28 августа 2013 в 05:28 0
Well considering the lightning is more used as a bomber (multi role) and the sukkoi is an air superiority fighter you cant really compare the two.
0 # 28 августа 2013 в 06:46 0
Well thats why we have the F-22 and the F-35. Iam not worried about this or any other sukoi. I have a lot of respect for sukoi's aircraft, they make some impressive things that forces us to make another aircraft to counter it. If not for the flanker we would still have the best fighter aircraft in the F-15. One thing i dont like about sukoi is that they tend to sell their aircraft to people like Iraq and Iran, betcha N Korea has got a few as well.
0 # 28 августа 2013 в 09:21 0
T50 is superior
0 # 28 августа 2013 в 14:04 0
Check out the transformers 3 soundtrack... I bet you will find it there!
0 # 28 августа 2013 в 14:35 0
0 # 29 августа 2013 в 02:39 0
"And is the Gripen's ability to land on highways a real asset ?" F-22 could do the same if needed. It has a very short takeoff run.The gripen's alleged advantage is turn around time. It could operate with a higher sortie rate.Gripen could be a good option for Belgium. Cheap to buy and operate.
0 # 29 августа 2013 в 02:56 0
Well just buy something cheaper, but Eurofighter's price is nothing different from F-22's.
0 # 29 августа 2013 в 04:39 0
I know the raptor has a 300m take off distance and a pretty short landing when using aero braking.
0 # 29 августа 2013 в 05:32 0
I think the Belgians will look very closely to what the Dutch will do. Since both our air forces one day will be operating like one. It's more efficient and cheaper to operate the same plane.The F22 is not in production anymore neither will they be sold to other countries.
0 # 29 августа 2013 в 09:28 0
Ты еще скажи что он в баню не ходит)))))))
0 # 29 августа 2013 в 15:29 0
Уважаемый!!!!!! Вся ваша страна давно прогнила так же как и ваши генералы Вы вваливаете в свои самолеты миллиарды долларов А наши все построены на энтузиазме с вложением души в каждый винтик Вам еще рости и рости до РУССКОЙ души Нам не нужна чужая земля это просто военный силовой поритет Ибо СУЩЕСТВУЮТ ГАВНЮКИ ПО ИМЕНИ США КОИ ВЕЗДЕ СУЮТ СВОЙ НОС И ГРЯЗНЫЕ ЛАПЫ Но не к нам!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!! Захлебнетесь!
0 # 29 августа 2013 в 15:29 0
Закрой свой рот ("shut your mouth" for people who speak English) via Google translate
0 # 29 августа 2013 в 16:46 0
I'm not questioning the bravery of US pilots, I'm asking the question because the "fan club" of the Russian F 50 seems to be pretty sure the F 22 is a dead duck once aal its missiles are fired, and the dogfight phase starts. Just as sure as the US is, that their newest missiles won't leave any F 50 alive to have to worry about dogfights. But well, since we're talking billions of dollars here, I'd really like to know what plane is the best. And is the US really happy with the F22 or "frustrated"?
0 # 29 августа 2013 в 17:14 0
,the F35 can't. To sum up the T50 has better control than the F22, and F35. All three planes have a similar fuel range, all three have similar speed, the T50 can land in icy conditions (the F22 and F35 cannot), all three employ thrust control, however the T50 has more control than the F22 and F35, the T50 for aerodynamics rates far above the F22 and F35 meaning the T50 would win in a VR dogfight.
0 # 29 августа 2013 в 18:46 0
I don't think that Thrust vectoring for Yaw is very useful because you have to be very stupid to yaw in a dogfight you should only use your Ailerons and Elevators to make hard turns and when did the T 50 have canards i don't see them at all i see canards on the Su 34 and Su 37 but not on the T 50 but still Canards or not the T 50 already has Huge Engines which make it's Thrust Vectoring the most powerful than any other Aircraft.
0 # 29 августа 2013 в 21:31 0
Time for my comment! always sad :(The F-35 is not an air superiority plane and it's quite broken, Canada doesn't even wants them anymore!It has been reported that once the flight computer of a group of F35 stopped working and they had a hard time refueling then landing with help of another nation (Uploads of those documents are being constantly taken down)Btw the SU50 has been built to be an air to air fighter with much more agility than the F22 Raptor, at the cost of stealthiness
0 # 30 августа 2013 в 01:50 0
Well to them it doesn't matter if its a copy or not.Look at the Chinese they don't care if their Fighter jets are copies of existing Jets they just want an Aircraft capable for the job and without a doubt Chinese aircraft are very capable fighters the reason why the F 22 specifically is copied is because they don't have a fighter that can match it so the only way to fight a raptor is with building their own Raptor like the T 50 Pak Fa and J 31 not that i agree that they are better but still.
0 # 30 августа 2013 в 01:51 0
Alright Maybe im wrong i made a mistake everybody does that but if that's the way that you correct people then you are the one with issues.But i want you to take a look at both aircraft side by side they are extremely similar in design but not the same but There is no way the T 50 Has better performance than the F 22 because they are hardly different in that category each one does something better than the other and are incomparable its the Pilot's skill that really matters in every way.
0 # 30 августа 2013 в 05:55 0
I wouldn't be too sure about that the T 50s Maneuverability is slightly or exactly the same as the F 22 don't you think because its a new Suhkoi aircraft its going to be better than its predecessors a Su 35 can easily outfight a T 50 because the T 50 does not feature that maneuvering design that previous Suhkois had and it really does climb faster you can already tell by its huge Engines.
0 # 30 августа 2013 в 08:33 0
Alright i think you are the one who is blind i said THE F 22 IS SIMILAR TO THE PAK FA not the F 35.Its funny how you say Maneuverability is the most important thing in a Military aircraft when most of the US Aircraft since WW2 to this day have a huge disadvantage in maneuverability and yet they still mostly win why? Not because they are Americans not because they have superior tech its because they have the will,tactics,intelligence,stre­ngth and that is what truly means to be a fighter pilot.
0 # 30 августа 2013 в 13:49 0
F-35 is still in developement too. LM Said that the best case scenario for the F-35's production...will be 2018...PAKFA will be 2015...
0 # 30 августа 2013 в 14:15 0
only thing that f-35 has are people like u. "wana be usa boy" jerkers that live in some third world countries comforting themselves that if they were born in hollywood they would be famous and not losers like they realy are. well time for someone to say to u: jerker u would never be USA rock star...
0 # 30 августа 2013 в 16:15 0
cost does matter cost always matters. never proved? ARE-YOU-MENTAL? who won World War 2 bitch? - RUSSIA! and who won World War 1 bitch? - RUSSIA! dream on western boy...
0 # 30 августа 2013 в 16:42 0
Yeah everybody thinks that. But the Pilots think differently. World Superpowers just relay too much on technology what if the Aircraft's radar,Communication or any other types of support stops to work it happened many times in the past where is your technology now?
0 # 30 августа 2013 в 21:53 0
Why do you need to evade missiles? You can just jam them!Dogfight? Why dogfight when you can do off bore sight shots with helmet mounted cueing systems? A plane can pull 8G's a missile can pull 40 Gs , no one will out turn a missile pulling Gs like that.
0 # 31 августа 2013 в 00:14 0
Mate you are so far off the mark , turn and burn is a 1980s concept ,air superiority has changed a lot. Helmet mounted displays has made gun shots obsolete.Your in a 20th century mindset mate.
0 # 31 августа 2013 в 04:15 0
JSF will see first and shoot first ,even before Pak Fa knows its there. Aim 9X has a passive image infra red guidance system,you aint jamming that !
0 # 31 августа 2013 в 05:59 0
Pak FA will be built in numbers reaching 400-600 Aircraft.JSF will be built in numbers up to 3000 Units. F-22 is fielded and JSF is in low rate production. Pak Fa has not even been finalised.Low rate production for Pak Fa is 2020.The Russians are playing catch up and are way behind.JSF will outnumber Pak Fa by 5-1 in JSF favour.What will happen if JSF is out of missiles.. its other 4 wing men will blow Pak FA out of the sky.Cheers
0 # 31 августа 2013 в 09:19 0
I never said in a "couple of years" maybe in 20 years it will.USA will be purchasing close to 1700 units.No Air force commander would send any plane into harms way with out a AWACs. Are you a child?
0 # 31 августа 2013 в 12:04 0
Do you have any proof, or are you just talking outt your ass?
0 # 31 августа 2013 в 12:09 0
Your "personal opinion" has no merit.
0 # 31 августа 2013 в 13:53 0
Well if you put it that way then maybe. I know that they wouldn't be that stupid to send a Fighter Jet without AWACS support but its not like the AWACS cant be shot down any AA,SAM or Fighter Jet can take down a AWACS easily. And no im not a child.
0 # 31 августа 2013 в 14:59 0
Yeah? Tell that to dipshit over here and the uploader not me. And why the hell did you call me a moron only morons hate other people for something that doesn't even matter in their lives. Have i done anything to you? I understand hating on someone if he did anything to you but for this?Do you also have any proof that i made several accounts to like my comments? And the aircraft is Called T 50 PAK FA not PAF KA.
0 # 31 августа 2013 в 15:20 0
Good job making 3-4 different acc's just to thumb your stupid comments up.
0 # 31 августа 2013 в 16:32 0
Missle jammers is what F-22 has too. Not sure aout Radar ECM jammers since i dont know much about that. But you are comparing a multirole to a real fighter aircraft.
0 # 31 августа 2013 в 17:35 0
yeah well that does not work with how the US handle this.. the f-35 will always be backed up by other f-35's and aircraft.. and modern missiles have the capability to follow the location of Jammers, which makes jamming the missile useless.. and the f-35 once it does its job, it leaves.. it will always have air-to-air missiles.. and with multiple aircraft or f-35's its gonna be hard to find a defenseless f-35.. f-35 was build to come in do its job with precision and get out..
0 # 1 сентября 2013 в 18:54 0
fundamentally flawed? actually no.. noise mimmic is actually one of the simples to counter.. and to fry a missile system its harder than you think... take an EMP for example.. we can and have build computers and vehicles (mostly military) that can handle EMP's with the EMP having virtually no effect on he electronics... so having a missile that can be virtually un effected by jammers is completely possible and actually already made. Chinese can only copy so much of it... the tech they cant copy.
0 # 1 сентября 2013 в 20:03 0
1.That's why i said simple mimmic. Optical IR sensors for SR missiles can easily be countered with light intensifyers. Also no not really we can't resist a major EMP event. Anyone who works in electronics can tell you that there's no such thing as EMP proof. EMP resistant yea, but not EMP Proof. You can only resist so much overload before your circuitboards fry. I have an 8 way UPS Surge protected circuit board. This thing can resist lightning strikes...although it couldn't, died first hit.
0 # 1 сентября 2013 в 20:51 0
Very true. The EMP from fusion is enough to knock out any electrical item for miles. Normal man made emp's can only reach that of a lightning strike
0 # 2 сентября 2013 в 00:49 0
1.That's why i said simple mimmic. Optical IR sensors for SR missiles can easily be countered with light intensifyers. Also no not really we can't resist a major EMP event. Anyone who works in electronics can tell you that there's no such thing as EMP proof. EMP resistant yea, but not EMP Proof. You can only resist so much overload before your circuitboards fry. I have an 8 way UPS Surge protected circuit board. This thing can resist lightning strikes...although it couldn't, died first hit.
0 # 2 сентября 2013 в 01:14 0
oh god it's another spin doctor. No, you will always need a gun. And you will always need manouverability. These are set in the laws of war. Obviously you don''t know that the number 1 factor of war is production, the US is running on fumes economic wise. A 1 trillion dollar project is going to crash the economy. Let alone civil unrest, major anti-american countries.China having a potencial production 10x higher than the US...me uze no logic?? coming from someone "who no understand wahr"...
0 # 2 сентября 2013 в 01:21 0
China copies because it's economically viable, why spend 20 billion on designing an aircraft (the most expensive part) when you can copy a better jet. The J-11 from J-10 is a good example, the J-10 is shit, the J-11 is viable. As for the J-31, well it's all the same. Also don't forget, the US lost vietnam. I'm not a russian fanboy, i'm just their advocate because the US is a scumbag country that goes into countries, overthrows them, destabilises the government then profits from natural resources
0 # 2 сентября 2013 в 02:36 0
China copies because that is part of their culture. Even in the ag field they copy US techniques. The US lost in Nam because of public opinion. Until that time, no other war had so much media attention and the US public stood up against it. It was a political war. The US won almost all of the battles that it fought, including the Tet Offensive. However, it was that battle that turned public opinion against the war. Yes, the US has done some underhanded things, but at the same time you won't
0 # 2 сентября 2013 в 02:39 0
Gulf of Tonken started the vietnam war, that was an admitted false flag. As for chinese culture. No, chinese culture (historically) is draped with invention, innovation, maths and literacy. They created transcrips, gunpowwder, rocketts, the first MLRS, cannons, guns. Most modern weapons were designed by china or in the orient. The US isn't historically viable as they have no culture. What they did have was a very good political system, which is now gone.
0 # 2 сентября 2013 в 06:21 0
I too work with chinese and they won't do anything UNTIL you tell them EXCACTLY what to do. But thhis is because of the years of Mao that made people only take orders, not think fore themselves. You're mocking a country with a truly terrible and scary history.
0 # 2 сентября 2013 в 11:39 0
Let's see, what about GPS, Mar's rovers, the Hubble Telescope, IR missile, AESA, semiconductor chips, space shuttle, etc. Even that toilet paper you wipe your ass with was originally created from the US. LOL. Tell me what other nation has been as innovative as the US over the last 50 yrs?And, you don't think other nations didn't take German tech? LOL. Look at the Russians that took train loads of equipment.
0 # 3 сентября 2013 в 01:41 0
It takes US resources to put it all together to make it work. To be an invention, it takes both conception and reduction to practice. In other words, an idea alone is not an invention. Just look at the number of patents filed each year. The most come from the US. What do you expect from the US? It hasn't been around that long, but in such a short time it has become the world's leader when it comes to innovative technology.
0 # 3 сентября 2013 в 10:40 0
You should know better. Science builds off of prior works done..Just because the US put the Space Shuttle in the air, for instance, doesn't mean that its a German creation. That's stupid. The US is a land of immigrants, including many very talented scientists that have come here for the freedom to work unhindered and with limited restrictions.
0 # 3 сентября 2013 в 12:21 0
No, the US is the and of the SMART immigrants. The UK is the land of the immigrants. 75%, no joke, of london's population is foreign. Unlike the US, we pay for people to do fuck all except drain money from us. Steal our jobs, form gangs and most importantly change election votes. If i bring in a viciouse muslim population into my country, and allow them to vote. Who wil they vote for...the pro muslim guy of course. The UK is in a state of denationalisation, It's sad to see it all go
0 # 3 сентября 2013 в 13:23 0
Yes, I realize that others have contributed, but the end product was US. Look at GPS for instance and how long it was in service until Glonass/Galileo.
0 # 3 сентября 2013 в 13:30 0
I get the feeling that you want the US economy to collapse. I don't know if you've ever heard the expression "Cutting off the nose to spite the face" but that's exactly what you're wishing for. A collapsed US economy would have world-wide severe consequences. The US is a main hub for the transfer of goods and as you know the dollar is still the primary global tender. +, I
0 # 3 сентября 2013 в 16:38 0
Very well said, but I don't think he uses logic.
0 # 3 сентября 2013 в 17:11 0
Nice to see someone around here on YT with some common sense. See ya.
0 # 3 сентября 2013 в 18:34 0
US can afford to back up its jet's? though its been doing just that all its life... US is actually an economic power house... a nations wealth is measured by GDP and today US is on top of the world.. in fact 1 US state makes about the same GDP as all of russia... and has a better GDP than china the second biggest economy... the USD is a world currency.. also we where helping them fight the russians... they later turned on us so we kicked their ass... its simple history in the US..
0 # 3 сентября 2013 в 18:45 0
yes... because russia's economy could not sustained it... during the cold war the US had the biggest budget many times bigger than what russia had during the cold war.. thats why russia collapsed a lot sooner than the US.. like i said tho the US has the largest GDP as of 2013 surpassing china by nearly double.. US has a huge budget but its spending a TON.. not just on military.. but it can keep spending a lot more than any other country and do just fine.. for now i guess..
0 # 4 сентября 2013 в 06:34 0
Obviously you never took class in economics did you? The US is the opposite of an economic powerhouse, it's an economic battery with no power source. It's debt is growing way past the point of return (PSR) and to be honest once the superinflation hits to spend on proxy wars to keep the US Dollar As the currency of the world (reason for the Lybian intervention and Iraq invasion).Unfortunately, Russia did the same thing, just a bit quicker...
0 # 4 сентября 2013 в 17:59 0
Do you think Russian are well like around the world? LOL, that's funny. US a police state? Do you live here? I do, and it's far from it. I love it here, and I have visited many places around the world. I can tell you that I feel more secure in the US than most places that I've been.Yes, the CIA funded certain groups to fights the Soviets. The Soviets had their own proxy wars w/ the US, too. Yet, look around, no more USSR. LOL.And, you called me a spin doctor. Look in the mirror, bud.
0 # 4 сентября 2013 в 22:23 0
Yes i lived in the US for 2 years and the UK for 18. They are both big brother police states. Cameras. Not a police state? Something tells me you aren't familiar with the NSA are you? Or the fact that US police officers are now becoming more of a threat than home intruders. Recently a family was shot, on their driveway by a police officer. Recently a family was shot in their own home, because the father reached for a flashlight. Then, as an insult, the police lied about the events.
0 # 5 сентября 2013 в 00:33 0
there are ALOT of bad apples in the US police force, just go look, most of them unlawfully disarm you in the street, go on do some research.
0 # 5 сентября 2013 в 02:54 0
Spain has the most corrupt police in europe. It's not BS it's true and many americans will agree. Just close your eyes to the truth, ignore the evidence, put your head in the sand and feel nice and safe untill the buttghost gets you. honestly i work with people that act just like you nd it frustrates me.
0 # 5 сентября 2013 в 03:12 0
Oh no i'm aware of russian restrictions, it was hard enough getting into monino air museum in moscow. Let alone publishing a paper. Also i'm aware of corruption in russia. It's ok to do whatever so long as you pay. I got to take photos of soviet aircraft noone's ever heard of for the generous price of 350 rubles. It's fun really.
0 # 5 сентября 2013 в 07:20 0
Well then there is a another option that was used for the last decades called Flares.
0 # 5 сентября 2013 в 09:48 0
LOL, most F-4's were shot down were due to SAMS and not A2A battles. I love how you Russian fanboys like to misguide people with your BS.How is the PAK going to jam all of the F-35's missiles? You don't think that the US subjects Amraams extensive testing in high ECM environments? Or, do you really think flares are going to fool the Aim-9x? Watch the QF-4 drone emitting flares here watch?v=4g4_jzqBJnA and it is still taken out in tests.What is the PAK going to do when the F-35 has DIRCM?
0 # 5 сентября 2013 в 17:11 0
I think we're on the same page with the A-10. I love that bird. I don't know if you've ever had a chance to talk to some A-10 pilots, but I occasionally do at airshows. You'll be amazed at how many are former F-15/16 pilots. They say it's a lot more fun to fly. Take care.
0 # 5 сентября 2013 в 17:14 0
Maybe you should talk to albanians for answer
0 # 5 сентября 2013 в 18:57 0
0 # 5 сентября 2013 в 21:57 0
True speak my brother!!
0 # 6 сентября 2013 в 00:04 0
''One the edge of war with Russia and China in Syria i hope they destroy NATO aggression once and for all''What does Russia and China have in order to destroy NATO with? Answer this simple question.
0 # 6 сентября 2013 в 01:18 0
Fight between Russia and China will never happen, because UN wont let it. Just because our gov.'s arent very friendly looking doesnt mean our people arent. Also, World war 3 isnt going to happen, just travel around the world and ask people if they want WW3, and you'll see the answer. Fight between NATO, Russia and China would be very tough, also that'd be Europe and US vs Russia and China, but well it isnt going to happen.
0 # 6 сентября 2013 в 12:39 0
Who the fuck Cares about the UN they can just do it whenever they want. And even if there is a war Between Russia,China against NATO it wouldn't be on a large scale like the Previous World wars were it would just end up specificity in the Middle East just like the War in Cyprus between Greece and Turkey.
0 # 6 сентября 2013 в 15:19 0
And what if Russia and China Decides to attack NATO on US Forces in the Middle east what is the UN gonna do about it? In combat the UN cant do no shit even the Americans alone can beat the crap out of all UN Forces. And How does China survive thanks to the west. Well actually the World Economy survives thanks to china because over 80% of the Major Companies have their Factories in China and if the Chinese decides to stop them. Its Deeply going to affect the world industry.
0 # 6 сентября 2013 в 15:58 0
Chinas economy is exports and imports based economy. They started to grow back in 2009-2010 when US sold all its jobs there because US was still in recession untill 2011 when it fully got out. Now some jobs are coming back and some jobs will stay. Thats the only reason how they became world's largest manufacturer. They've got nothing on their own besides foreign. Go and check out China's copy culture video on youtube. Factories in China are controlled and owned by Americans.
0 # 7 сентября 2013 в 00:54 0
China's economy is based on exports and imports, thats the only way they can make money and make their GDP to grow. They never contributed to anything, were never innovative troughout 20th and this century at all. They've got nothing else to feed their economy with besides exports and imports. All those companies are non Chinese. And its not J-11 its J-31.
0 # 7 сентября 2013 в 02:06 0
Think you probably need to go do a bit more reasearch mate, china props up the american government with investment capital an alot of other countries too, who do you think has been providing you with money during your recession
0 # 7 сентября 2013 в 06:22 0
Russia and China will not attack US and NATO. The countries you mentioned is only make provoke and they making money from that. War is business for US, Russia and China. US look strong with their weapons and most of their aircraft is battle proven but it will can not stand longer.Afghanistan,IRAQ and Vietnam proof it that you can't win the war without peoples support even with the high-tech machines you owned
0 # 7 сентября 2013 в 07:00 0
World war will happen in the near future it will start from Bulgaria for minor insistent and it will end in Constantinople. The countdown started.
0 # 7 сентября 2013 в 12:58 0
If you are pissed off, I am much much more angry. The blood from the killings against Orthodox makes a river flood.........Payment it's a matter of God.
0 # 7 сентября 2013 в 21:01 0
The T-50's RCS is around the F/A-18E/F or 0.1m^2
0 # 8 сентября 2013 в 03:24 0
I've seen the F/A-18E/Fs RCS estimated at 0.01m^2, but that is still a much larger target than the F-35s 0.00143m^2.
0 # 8 сентября 2013 в 03:35 0
The F-22s RCS is about 0.0001m^2, prove me otherwise, these numbers come from Lockheed Martin dude. Even Air Power Austrailia puts the F-35s frontal RCS well below the the PAK-FA.
0 # 8 сентября 2013 в 12:42 0
The Su-35 can carry only 17,630lbs of ordinance, same as the Su-34, the smaller F-35 can carry 18,0000lbs of ordinance and the F-35 is a much smaller plane. Impractical?How? so the fact that the plane will have a high sortie rate means it's very useful, it's radar requires no maintenance unlike an SU radar. It's radar can target air and ground targets at the same time. Unprecedented situational awareness, it can detect planes without radar. You know nothing about the F-35s capabilities.
0 # 8 сентября 2013 в 14:06 0
The Yak is a training aircraft and can only carry 6,000lbs or ordinance. The F-35 is a smaller plane than the Su-35, the F-16s range with fuel tanks is over 4000km, meaning with fuel tanks the F-35s range be even greater. You just keep spitting out phony numbers, one of the biggest features of the F-35 is going to be it's easy maintenance, maintenance is not an issue and only costs 10% more to maintain than the F-16, which is also cheap and easier to maintain.
0 # 8 сентября 2013 в 19:11 0
. aviationweek . com/Article . aspx?id=/article-xml/awx_04_18­_2013_p0-570862.xmlSuck it troll, the F-35 costs only 10% more or about 24,000 per flying hour. A creationists, ha yes that's right the earth is what only 6,000 years old sure, only evangelical christians believe that bull
0 # 8 сентября 2013 в 22:02 0
No you're wrong, look it up
0 # 9 сентября 2013 в 03:21 0
Their not anti-LockMart when they drool about the F-22
0 # 9 сентября 2013 в 04:50 0
The T-50 is not even in service and this is Russia FIRST 5th gen fighter.
0 # 9 сентября 2013 в 08:48 0
Let's hope it, given the rather frivolous price tag..
0 # 9 сентября 2013 в 09:58 0
I agree, I didn't know that, but are you sure you can compare these figures completely ? I mean, doesn't the 170 mio not include service and maintainance, extra missiles, economic compensations etc that are not included in the F 35 price ? I'm not saying it does or doesn't, I simply don't know if the two prices are comparable this way.I'm also not sure if the average Russian pilot can "survive" the extreme manouvrability of the PAKFA, not every US fighter pilot can do what Blue Angels can do.
0 # 9 сентября 2013 в 11:27 0
Perfectly convincing and well documented answer, that's settled once and for all ! Quite surprising that a Russian airplane turns out to be so expensive, I guess I still think too much in terms of Lada-cars, while that country underwent such dramatic changes So let me get it straight: the F 22 is cheaper than the F 35, which in turn is cheaper than the PAKFA. Only the F 22 should be compared with the PAFKA, as the F 35 is another type of aircraft. And thanks to CUDA F 22 offers more than F 50 ?
0 # 9 сентября 2013 в 13:49 0
T-50 is better than both the F-22 and F-35. T-50 looks like it has the tightest turn of the group which would give it a great advantage in a dogfight. The variants of the F-35 don't even have a cannon. They will be useless in a dog fight. It seems that the U.S military are making the same mistakes in aircraft design as they did in the Vietnam Conflict era. If all are stealth a dogfight is immanent because you have to get enough close to take out another stealth plane. My info is limited though
0 # 9 сентября 2013 в 17:10 0
simply great. cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire :) . be mature and do this, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. rush it here -> bit.ly/13beL1T?=fqtjet
0 # 9 сентября 2013 в 23:36 0
huh? We're talking about Russia... that's all they make... Haven't you seen the rockets they put into space... talk about overkill...
0 # 9 сентября 2013 в 23:39 0
????????.well f-35a have thurst-to-weigh ration of 0,87 ( 0.9 b and 0.75 c versions) compared to 1.01 with prot and 1,20 with new engines.f-35 : 1xeng 191kn max (with ab), t-50 2x 147 prot and 175 serial eng.
0 # 10 сентября 2013 в 00:58 0
Comparing cost to production, the T-50 takes it... in the skies, the F-22 takes it.. the F-35 has no business stepping into the ring... it died before it could take it's first breath.. and UAV's pulled the trigger...
0 # 10 сентября 2013 в 03:05 0
It has better aerodynamics than F-22. The engines provide more thrust than the engines of the F-22. Also, it has 3D (up,down,left,right) thrust vectoring unlike the F-22 has 2D(up,down)
0 # 10 сентября 2013 в 11:26 0
Actually it has less thrust, currently and with the final planned engines. Also even though it has yaw TVC, it only has a 15 degree deflection angle in the picth angle. F-22's nozzle pitch 20 degrees so give better assistance to turning.
0 # 10 сентября 2013 в 13:08 0
and again...incorrect. The T-50's two bays can only carry 2 air to air missiles each (look up some recent information from sukhoi). So that's 6 total (including ir missiles in the fast bays).F-22 carries 8 and will carry 14 internally when the CUDA missile is in service.
0 # 10 сентября 2013 в 16:16 0
not like this is anything to go on but the F-35 in battlefield 3 cannot maneuver for shit it can fly fast forward in one direction but that's about it,and in zero g fighters for Xbox 360 the F-35 did the same,the sensor suite and 360 degree HUD display pilots helmet system cannot make up for its crappy maneuverability.
0 # 10 сентября 2013 в 23:37 0
agree, f-35 is total shit. It will be much more interesing to compare f-22 and t-50.
0 # 11 сентября 2013 в 00:55 0
have you more about it ? i will love to read about it.
0 # 11 сентября 2013 в 02:29 0
0 # 11 сентября 2013 в 03:28 0
[citation needed]
0 # 11 сентября 2013 в 11:27 0
considering that the Russians do not take care of their equipment the F35 will be superior, because they don't send people to become engineers to work on their equipment that's also why the barely have a navy because they didn't have engineers to work on engines and lube them and do maintenance, so the engines seized up and couldn't sail so, and the same will go for their air-craft.
0 # 11 сентября 2013 в 12:18 0
What you are failing to understand is the fact that the F-35 will not go to battle alone. The F35 is part of a broader offensive/defensive package to include jammers early warning radars, satellites etc. The US has gone against Russian equipment with some of them being modern and it has always won. I like to look at the results not personal patriotic opinions or uneducated guesses.
0 # 11 сентября 2013 в 13:02 0
Sukhoi PAK FA T-50 Russian power...
0 # 11 сентября 2013 в 17:36 0
So I've watched a dream landing ???? I've seen it fly, land and data sync with other aircraft.
0 # 11 сентября 2013 в 20:52 0
half american.... anyways i would like to hear your opinion on this.. what country to you is stronger... the one with the bigger military, the one with the bigger will to fight, or the one with the biggest heart.... the answer is neither but why?
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haha nice answer. yet impossible.. its impossible to judge a countries people. what is your definition of the best? a person that wants to spread peace, happiness to the world? yet these are the people who are hated. or the people who just spread their happiness to just the people around them and are just selfish to the rest of the world. i feel like its impossible. its RETES10 by the way. thanks for answering.
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