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кинопрокат 2012 With all the advantages of the Plus version and a unique selection of add-on programs worth over MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Premium is sure to impress! Transform night into day, magically add rain, mist or fireworks to your videos and design incredible special effects. Download from : There's no limit to the creative possibilities.Video editing has reached a high degree of sophistication. Software editors can now handle many different audio and video formats, and choosing the right software means finding a package that's kept up with technology. The best video software allows for exceptional creativity and flexibility while still managing an easy-to-use interface and plenty of support.Magix has been attempting this with its Magix Movie Edit Pro series for several years, and the latest version - Movie Edit Pro 2013 - is essentially an enhanced version of Movie Edit Pro MX Plus released last year.Importing clips into the Media Pool uses a simple folder search along Windows Explorer lines. As well as familiar video formats like AVI and MPEG-4, Movie Edit Pro 13 now supports AVCHD Progressive (50p/60p) in addition to 3D.Speed is another key factor in this upgrade, as the AVCHD import time is a lot faster (Magix claim by 40%) and all effects previews are now calculated directly on the GPU so they can be viewed almost instantly. Your advantages:• Unique performance and output options• Video editing on 99 tracks• Full HD support (HDV, AVCHD/60p)• Full Stereo3D support• Multicam editing (for two cameras)• Professional movie templates• Secondary color correction• Travel route animation• Advanced audio dubbing(Dolby®Digital 5.1)• Custom menu design with professional templates• Universal output options: Files, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, YouTube, Facebook etc.Clips in the Media Pool can be played and then instantly added to the timeline, and video and audio coming from one source will be displayed on the timeline on one track (or alternatively can be split with one mouse click).Where two-camera edits are required, yuo can cut live between them while automatic synchronisation occurs based on the audio track. Download from : The chroma key feature has been beefed up with a new anti-spill feature to avoid annoying green 'haloes' around objects. A useful slider has been added for text resizing and a collection of new animated menu templates have been included for burning to DVD and Blu-ray discs. кино новинки 2012 скачать торрент

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