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"A Pretty Bad Ass Elf" The Hobbit 2 : Evangeline Lily is Tauriel the hobbit 2

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Evangeline Lily is Tauriel... a pretty bad-ass Elf !? Join us on Facebook 10 Minutes of The Hobbit ? The second in a trilogy of films adapting the enduringly popular masterpiece The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien, "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" continues the adventure of the title character Bilbo Baggins as he journeys with the Wizard Gandalf and 13 Dwarves, led by Thorin Oakenshield on an epic quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor.The Hobbit 2 SoundBites - InterviewEvangeline Lily as TaurielRelease Date :December 13th, 2013© Warner Bros PicturesSubscribe now 2 catch the best trailers and the latest HD official movie trailer, film clip, scene and video !

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Комментарии (25)
0 # 24 мая 2014 в 20:04 0
Its really annoying that they cut her off so abruptly..that audio pause is annoying.?
0 # 25 мая 2014 в 03:50 0
I don't understand the blatant racism of Thranduil in the film. He calls her a lowly Silvan elf when the Green elves (legolas/kin) are also considered Silvan elves. They simply came later than the high elves of the first age. Those later elves include Thranduil because I can't recall his lineage going beyond Oropher of the Second Age.?
0 # 25 мая 2014 в 06:47 0
For all you guys saying she's hot. Please, Liv Tyler is hot. Evangeline isn't ugly but she's not smokin' hot, she more like waitress hot.?
0 # 25 мая 2014 в 09:17 0
Id tape her.?
0 # 25 мая 2014 в 14:08 0
She has a kinda similar look to Liv Tyler/Arwen, but stronger, less delicate. Such a pretty girl.?
0 # 25 мая 2014 в 22:49 0
0 # 27 мая 2014 в 14:10 0
i keep thinking of liv tyler,?
0 # 28 мая 2014 в 18:09 0
"I think everyone is gonna love Thranduil. Love him and hate him. Cause? he?s kind of a jerk" LOL!!!!! Yeah he is a jerk?
0 # 29 мая 2014 в 10:44 0
beautiful elf?
0 # 29 мая 2014 в 15:46 0
I didn't like her in the movie. She was too bitchy for my taste. Then again, she shouldn't even be in the movie. I hate it when hollywood casts a woman just for the sake of putting a woman there. Why can't they just allow an all-male cast anyway? I've seen many movies that says "for girls only".?
0 # 31 мая 2014 в 00:13 0
I honestly thought she had better chemistry with Kili than Arwen did with Aragorn. That romance was also (mostly) comprised of stuff fabricated for the movies and I never believed it.?
0 # 31 мая 2014 в 20:17 0
It's because of her I decided to watch lost...now I can't stop watching it!?
0 # 1 июня 2014 в 11:49 0
The casting director for the LOTR movies is a genius.?
0 # 3 июня 2014 в 00:33 0
what a looker.. and as an elf she has no equal?
0 # 4 июня 2014 в 05:57 0
10/10 would let sit on my face ?
0 # 4 июня 2014 в 09:08 0
WOOHOO That's awesome freckles.?
0 # 4 июня 2014 в 11:33 0
This woman is extremely beautiful, I have a massive crush on her. Her face is beautifully structured, such a work of art she is. The man who is wedded to her is one lucky mother fucker.?
0 # 4 июня 2014 в 20:45 0
she is so beautiful?
0 # 5 июня 2014 в 04:26 0
so cute.?
0 # 5 июня 2014 в 13:23 0
love her in the real steel, more in this legendary movie :)?
0 # 5 июня 2014 в 16:48 0
I dunno. The inclusion of Tauriel makes me wonder even MORE, why didn't they just get 10 of those guys and tore down all of Mordor? I mean, 1 Elf kills 76 Orcs a minute, it kinda makes the whole thing look redicilous; it's like Machette in Middle Earth, all that's missing is her and Legolas riding a rocket and landing on top of Smaug. On the other hand, she's a downright slut, she just LOOKS at a guy and falls head over heels. It's interesting how thse movies show how it's very much different when you have a well thought-through character and/or plotpoint (Tolkien's original bits) as opposed to stuff pulled right out of holywood's ass.?
0 # 5 июня 2014 в 23:27 0
She's awesome as elf. Nuff said.?
0 # 6 июня 2014 в 05:52 0
Fuck that whore!?
0 # 6 июня 2014 в 20:33 0
Gorgeous woman!!!?
0 # 7 июня 2014 в 22:22 0
I absolutely loved her as Tauriel, she did a fabulous Job, but I couldn't buy that romance with Kili, it just didn't fit. But that's the fault of the screenplay.?
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