The Hobbit 2: Desolation of Smaug Full Soundtrack the hobbit 2

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?? ?? Produced by the great composer Howard ShoreThis is the full soundtrack of the already second Hobbit movie - The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THE ARTISTS/PRODUCERS AND RECORD LABELS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO - Enjoy it :)____________TRACKLIST____________The Quest for Erebor - 00:00:00Wilderland - 00:03:15The House of Beorn - 00:08:01Mirkwood - 00:11:32Flies and Spiders - 00:15:50The Woodland Realm - 00:23:21Feast of Starlight - 00:27:36Barrels Out of Bond - 00:30:17The Forest River - 00:32:03Bard, a Man of Lake-town - 00:36:41The High Fells - 00:39:08The Nature of Evil - 00:41:34Protector of the Common Folk - 00:44:44Thrice Welcome - 00:48:15Girion, Lord of Dale - 00:51:37Durin's Folk - 00:55:02In the Shadow of the Mountain - 00:57:20A Spell of Concealment - 00:59:28On the Doorstep - 01:02:13The Courage of Hobbits - 01:09:38Inside Information - 01:12:26Kingsfoil - 01:15:58A Liar and a Thief - 01:18:15The Hunters - 01:21:42Smaug - 01:30:20My Armor is Iron - 01:35:29I See Fire (Ed Sheeran) - 01:40:25Beyond the Forest - 01:45:00

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