Transformers Dark of the Moon Megatron Vs Sentinel Prime (Blu-ray) Edition смотреть фільм трансформери 5

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Optimus Prime is still Battling Sentinel Prime to the Death..... While Megatron wait's For the Right Time To Strike......---(C) 2011 Paramount Pictures.(C) 2011 Paramount Home Entertainment.

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Комментарии (25)
0 # 25 октября 2013 в 10:04 0
Megatron killed by a one armed optimus, I still think thats bull no matter how many times I see it.?
0 # 26 октября 2013 в 07:37 0
0 # 7 ноября 2013 в 02:58 0
Optimus was all like ima fuck yo shit bitch WAPOW!!!?
0 # 26 ноября 2013 в 10:41 0
I liked this movie but it took so long to defeat Megatron Optimus (TF1, TF2) to come in TF3 and in the last 10 min of the movie kills him with one arm and his ax. LOL!!!?
0 # 18 декабря 2013 в 11:45 0
Go Megatron! 1:01?
0 # 27 декабря 2013 в 18:44 0
Good choice to kill Megatron, that'll save him some future problems.?
0 # 5 января 2014 в 02:43 0
i hated how prime kinda pleaded for his life before sentinel delivered the final blow then completely turned into a badass later?
0 # 8 января 2014 в 05:58 0
Avenge me optimus yes ! :-D ?
0 # 23 января 2014 в 18:33 0
Good movie, but all of this incessant yelling and screaming is just ridiculous.?
0 # 26 февраля 2014 в 08:51 0
We are all looking at how how bad ass "time to finde ot" is and are overlooking how profound an also awesome "you betrayed yourself" is?
0 # 28 февраля 2014 в 07:29 0
0 # 3 марта 2014 в 22:34 0
Umm why the fuck did optimus kill megatron? he just saved his fuckin life man, Just wait, He will get fucked when he becomes GALVATRON?
0 # 8 марта 2014 в 09:58 0
ok then optimus with 1 arm. LOL?
0 # 21 марта 2014 в 13:32 0
I was never mad at Optimus killing Megatron and Sentinel, I was just mad at Megatrons involvement and let alone screen time. It just felt so strange.?
0 # 23 марта 2014 в 20:19 0
one armed bad ass?
0 # 25 марта 2014 в 16:25 0
this fight is like rock paper and scissors.?
0 # 30 марта 2014 в 15:17 0
Optimus really must not miss his homeworld that much. If he did, he probably would have taken the fight to Cybertron and do his best to keep the humans out of it, becuase it's not their concern. But instead he decides not to (which the revival could have added some really cool shit to the films by the way). He always has to successful in just about everything… so close to losing… but he gets so lucky… let the Decepticons win at least once… and that ending, Optimus must have been really mad to kill both of 'em. Because I thought Optimus would be the type to redeem people, but hey, i guess i was wrong.?
0 # 11 апреля 2014 в 00:44 0
How is it that you can have such competency in certain areas of this movie, but have dialogue that really sounds like it was written by 9 year olds. I'd say twelve year old kids but my little cousins tend to roll their eyes laughing at the completely trite and cliche dialogue sequences, the slow-motion shots that look exactly the same.If you watch clips of just the fight scenes or the pivotal moments (Which is all I do if I want to watch any of this shit. The fights, imo, are the only reason to watch this movie. Like how Fast Five had Vin VS The Rock and that was about it for me lol...just personal opinion is all.) But in this the dialogue is actually quantifiable as horrible shite. Worse than this post. That's how bad it is, it is worse than this pretentious post I'm writing. ?
0 # 18 апреля 2014 в 07:47 0
2:30 Fatality!?
0 # 18 апреля 2014 в 08:19 0
Sentinel : Optimus all i have ever want was the survival of our planet so i had to betray youOptimus : You didn't betray meOptimus : You betrayed yourselfSentinel : No Optimus! ( Bleeeh head blasts of)?
0 # 20 апреля 2014 в 15:19 0
The best fight scene from Transformers movie in the worst one Dx?
0 # 27 апреля 2014 в 10:44 0
if i was Megatron i would allowed sentinel kill optimus and then kill sentinel...?
0 # 6 мая 2014 в 02:57 0
Daaaammme Megatron is shit!!!!!!!!?
0 # 7 мая 2014 в 07:43 0
Anyone else notice the clock changing time on each scene?
0 # 28 мая 2014 в 12:51 0
Destroying cybertron kills primus in a way ?