Transformers Dark of the Moon Watch Full Movie Part 1 of 12, 2011 смотреть фільм трансформери 5

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Transformers Dark of the Moon Throughout the last days with the war that devastated the planet Cybertron, a spacecraft known because the Ark tried to escape. Piloted from the excellent Autobot leader named Sentinel Prime (Leonard Nimoy), the ship was stated to contain unique items that can assist the Autobots win the war more than the Decepticons. Nevertheless, the ship was hit by enemy missiles, as well as the ship and its crew were misplaced in to the far reaches of room. In 1961, the crash with the Ark on the moon is detected by NASA. Fearing the Russians may possibly defeat them to acquiring out what this unidentified object is, President John F Kennedy pushes for NASA to land men around the moon to investigate. eight years afterwards, in 1969, Apollo 11 lands on the moon, and astronauts Neil Armstrong (Don Jeanes) and Buzz Aldrin (Cory Tucker) secretly discover the craft. They return with samples and photos, and long term moon missions carry back additional details, before the manned moon missions are cancelled. Within the current day, The Autobots are still functioning using the NEST Workforce to track down Decepticons unfastened on the planet, as well as something uncommon. Although the Autobots Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Enzo, and Que try to get out an illegal Middle-Eastern nuclear plant, Main Lennox (Josh Duhamel) is knowledgeable by a Ukranian about some thing strange heading on around the Chernobyl disaster website. Lennox prospects a workforce along with Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) and Ratchet (Robert Foxworth) into the radioactive site. Within the plant, Prime discovers a fuel cell in the Ark, and some thing much more shocking: the Decepticon Shockwave (Frank Welker) and a large drilling robot at his command. Ultimately, Prime along with the other Autobots return to NEST's headquarters. As soon as there, Optimus demands answers from Secretary of Defense Charlotte Mearing (Frances McDormand). Prime exhibits the recovered fuel cell, and Mearing admits the true intentions with the American rush to attain the moon in the 1960's. Wishing to research additional, Optimus and Ratchet take a ship (that had been applied by other Autobots who now make Earth their house at the same time) towards the moon, and examine the Ark. Inside a mystery chamber, they discover the weakened body of Sentinel Prime, at the same time as 5 metal 'pillars'. Meanwhile, Sam Witwicky has graduated from school. Despite the fact that he continues to be instrumental in assisting the Autobots (which is categorized details) and obtained a Medal of Honor from President Barack Obama, he continues to be not able to discover a task. Sam presently resides in Washington D.C. together with his new girlfriend Carly Spencer (Rosie Huntington-Whitley), and two smaller sized Autobots named Wheelie (Tom Kenny) and Brains (Reno Wilson). Ultimately, Sam lands a job with a technology firm, run by an eccentric guy named Bruce Bezos (John Malkovich). Although Sam arrived extremely suggested (by an unnamed person), Bezos explains the only placement they're selecting for may be the company's mail room. Sam is about to flip down the placement, but will take it following all. He then goes to go to Carly at her place of function, exactly where he runs into her accountant (and car-collecting) boss, Dylan Gould (Patrick Dempsey). Sam is easily jealous and ticked off by how shut Dylan appears to be to Carly. As if to add insult to damage, Dylan gives Sam an aside that he was the 1 who

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