Pacific Rim - "Jaegers: Mech Warriors" Featurette alienz vs machine смотреть онлайн r ha - Alienz Vs machine

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Категория ролика: Трейлер 2013

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Теги: Развлечения, rim, pacific, mech, jaegers

In theaters July 12th.From acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro comes "Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures' Pacific Rim."When legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity's resources for years on end. To combat the giant Kaiju, a special type of weapon was devised: massive robots, called Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. But even the Jaegers are proving nearly defenseless in the face of the relentless Kaiju. On the verge of defeat, the forces defending mankind have no choice but to turn to two unlikely heroes—a washed up former pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and an untested trainee (Rinko Kikuchi)—who are teamed to drive a legendary but seemingly obsolete Jaeger from the past. Together, they stand as mankind's last hope against the mounting apocalypse.

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Комментарии (225)
0 # 23 апреля 2013 в 06:22 0
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0 # 24 апреля 2013 в 03:53 0
the anime is gumdam lol
0 # 24 апреля 2013 в 11:17 0
Hmm, a very well-concealed spam message. Are the viruses hidden as well?
0 # 24 апреля 2013 в 14:12 0
i wonder how a couple of chinooks can carry a jaeger................
0 # 26 апреля 2013 в 04:17 0
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0 # 26 апреля 2013 в 14:19 0
Did anyone hear the woman say "ready to activate the jager" it sounds like glados from portal
0 # 26 апреля 2013 в 19:11 0
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0 # 26 апреля 2013 в 20:06 0
Dear Santa...
0 # 27 апреля 2013 в 07:11 0
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0 # 27 апреля 2013 в 12:55 0
They tried to make the jaegers different from anime and each other, but in the end they lack enough common identifiable features to be really memorable as a class of robots.
0 # 28 апреля 2013 в 03:11 0
I wanna get that sillhouette book, man ALL THOSE JAEGERS!
0 # 28 апреля 2013 в 18:20 0
And the Russian one should be bigger than the others...and much much much heavier
0 # 28 апреля 2013 в 22:01 0
Eren Jaeger... ebin
0 # 29 апреля 2013 в 22:47 0
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0 # 30 апреля 2013 в 15:59 0
glad glados is here
0 # 30 апреля 2013 в 18:02 0
One word: PATLABOR!!!!!
0 # 30 апреля 2013 в 20:10 0
fuck you and your Evangelion
0 # 1 мая 2013 в 00:59 0
Sry, you say what about Evangelion?
0 # 1 мая 2013 в 05:17 0
1:50 GLaDOS what are you doing here? O.o'
0 # 1 мая 2013 в 15:13 0
agree with him totally, there are always losses on both sides
0 # 2 мая 2013 в 04:02 0
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0 # 3 мая 2013 в 10:12 0
Why does every one thinks everything is racist
0 # 3 мая 2013 в 11:45 0
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0 # 3 мая 2013 в 20:30 0
Guillermo says he didn't want to reference anything else with the designs of the jaegers. But goddammit cherno looks really similar to big O.
0 # 5 мая 2013 в 00:21 0
I love how its the cherno alpha that disregards safety. Fucking russians. Either get the job done or die.
0 # 5 мая 2013 в 01:22 0
These jaegers look like robots from gundam
0 # 5 мая 2013 в 09:38 0
the red unit has the head of unit 00 from evangelion :)) and guile said he'd make no reference to any anime or movie :)) funny as hell
0 # 5 мая 2013 в 11:27 0
Yeah...sure....one-eyed mechs are always equal to Unit-00 no matter how different Typhoon's head design is.
0 # 6 мая 2013 в 09:36 0
The one with 3 arms is the most badass one
0 # 6 мая 2013 в 16:24 0
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0 # 7 мая 2013 в 05:22 0
Forearm mounted blades, chain swords, shoulder mounted flamethrowers, rocket powered punches, plasma casters, cryo-cannons, tesla knuckles, and chest mounted missile launchers.And you think they need more weapons?
0 # 8 мая 2013 в 11:05 0
sorry bro, didn't watch the movie yet, and didn't see any other weapons in the featurette...... .-.
0 # 9 мая 2013 в 23:47 0
You know, if you pause it at 2:07, you can see one of the weapons; the spinning razor blades for Crimson Typhoon.
0 # 10 мая 2013 в 15:27 0
They're advanced.The movie is 20 something years into the future, you think if we had the tech to build giant robots we wouldn't build advanced heavy load carrying helicopters to transport them?
0 # 11 мая 2013 в 04:11 0
Because the heaviest Jaeger weighs 7,800+ tonsAnd even if they did make Jaegers fly it would be pointless, the Kaiju come out of the Sea not Air, plus it take a huge a mount of energy for a Jaeger to maintain flight. Though some Jaegers have jets on their backs that allow them to jump and lunge.
0 # 12 мая 2013 в 13:10 0
Modern yes, those aren't modern.They were developed by global collaborators. If humanity needed helicopters powerful enough to lift a few thousand ton of ass kicking mechs into battle. Bet your ass we could built them.
0 # 13 мая 2013 в 01:49 0
V-50 Jumphawks. Special helicopters specifically designed for lifting the Jaegers.
0 # 13 мая 2013 в 17:08 0
mech.. ..warriors..?..
0 # 14 мая 2013 в 15:33 0
What about Battletech? It didn't really caught on on the same scale as the mecha fever in Japan, yes, but to say that it is an anime-only purview is a bit too much, IMHO.Also, why such humanoid shape? I'm not trying to throw around such things as 'realism' here, but wouldn't it be more interesting if they would not have confined themselves so?
0 # 15 мая 2013 в 02:10 0
In the meta sense I mean. All them spider and snake forms give the creators unique opportunities for all the gorgeous fighting scenes.
0 # 15 мая 2013 в 20:05 0
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0 # 16 мая 2013 в 06:19 0
Have you seen the size comparison between Jaegers and Gundams?
0 # 17 мая 2013 в 05:04 0
Yeah, the smallest Jaeger (Horizon Brave to my knowledge) is 238 feet/72.5 m. Biggest is Cherno Alpha at 280 feet/85 m.The heaviest Jaeger (Romeo Blue) weighs atleast 7,700 tons.The Jaegers could beat the Gundams by just stepping on them.
0 # 17 мая 2013 в 10:43 0
I new it was a japanese anime but Americans made it better i would like there to be a second pacific rim I I joyed the movie
0 # 17 мая 2013 в 23:44 0
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0 # 19 мая 2013 в 21:41 0
LOL It's like the dude who wrote the article in China never even bothered to watch the movie and understand it nor went to see the Wiki. It's an incredibly biased statement. I bet the dude's head would explode if he sees Red Dawn, Independence Day or Battle Los Angeles since those movies are way more "American" in just 30 minutes than Pacific Rim in 2 hours.
0 # 20 мая 2013 в 02:27 0
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0 # 20 мая 2013 в 02:28 0
i saw the movie with my unchle & dad
0 # 20 мая 2013 в 10:39 0
i love yu warner bros and legancy for making this EPIC movie and Del Toro
0 # 20 мая 2013 в 13:33 0
I saw it and it's epic!
0 # 21 мая 2013 в 22:37 0
i want more sci fi movies...
0 # 22 мая 2013 в 10:25 0
You should just pay for the movie, since that way, if you liked the film, the people who made it possible can make more great films.
0 # 23 мая 2013 в 06:06 0
Yes, but normally how it works is that if the movie makes more money than its budget or has the same amount of money as its budget, that means they make sequels or more movies, if it doesn't make enough money, they won't make so many movies, does that make sense Dimitri?
0 # 23 мая 2013 в 13:06 0
0 # 23 мая 2013 в 14:33 0
I seriously think the voice of Glados is in this
0 # 24 мая 2013 в 14:29 0
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0 # 25 мая 2013 в 02:40 0
jaeger ai is the woman who played glados
0 # 25 мая 2013 в 12:21 0
you know, when I saw "mechwarriors" in the title, I thought this would be a discussion comparing pacific rim to the battletech universe (namely, the "mechwarrior" franchise). I guess the copy right for that name expired or something lol.
0 # 25 мая 2013 в 18:18 0
dude u totally should like ahhhhh its amazing *u*
0 # 25 мая 2013 в 21:00 0
You Should really Go Watch It :)
0 # 26 мая 2013 в 08:08 0
bro you're missing out it was a big surprise how good it was.
0 # 28 мая 2013 в 06:11 0
i don't know
0 # 28 мая 2013 в 09:45 0
you are all good createtives, keep it up guys Godbless....
0 # 30 мая 2013 в 01:11 0
anyone remember the mechwarrior games?
0 # 30 мая 2013 в 08:18 0
Are you stupid?
0 # 31 мая 2013 в 16:50 0
Could've fooled me.
0 # 31 мая 2013 в 18:10 0
"Killing Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon was racist"? That's pretty stupid of you.
0 # 1 июня 2013 в 01:47 0
And he's fucking stupid for saying that, as are you for your belief that its true.The world was the hero in this movie, not America, not Japan, not Russia, not China, not Australia. The World.The Jaeger program was a global effort, and its pretty damn ignorant to assume "dur America was the hero in movie, cus dur it finished the mission."
0 # 1 июня 2013 в 11:10 0
No.You get 1 Australian (Herc), 2 Germans (both scientists were born in Germany), 1 Japanese (Mako), 1 Chinese (Tendo), 1 American (Raleigh), and Hanibal Chau is an unknown nationality.
0 # 2 июня 2013 в 01:54 0
i dont know, i just translating what he meant to say lol, i will see this movie in this weekend.
0 # 3 июня 2013 в 00:06 0
Crimson might have had a chance had their con pod not been crushed. Even then, if even one of the triplets died, they would never pilot again since Crimson Typhoon was built to be piloted by only them.Cherno Alpha's crew are definitely dead, their Jaeger was built from the ground up to NOT have escape pods.
0 # 3 июня 2013 в 08:42 0
No, the second pilot controlled both right arms.The third pilot contributed to enhanced balance and coordination, which allows Typhoon to jump and kick more effectively than any other Jaeger.
0 # 3 июня 2013 в 10:49 0
Yeah, because the Kaiju adapt.Look at the Kaiju that killed Cherno. Leatherback has the thickest hide of the Cat 4 Kaiju, his fists are massive weapons (very similar to Cherno's own fists). Otachi is fast and nimble (Cherno is not) and has acid projectiles to melt through Cherno's thick armor if Leatherback can't beat its way through.
0 # 3 июня 2013 в 18:47 0
No he's not. Because the Kaiju adapted to counter act the strengths of Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon."But is the Kaiju were so strong, why did Gipsy kill them so easily?"Because as far as the Kaiju knew, Gipsy Danger was destroyed, it was a total sneak attack, and neither Kaiju was equipped to fight Gipsy Danger.
0 # 4 июня 2013 в 12:18 0
Not just that, but a Kaiju's cells record every moment of its existence when it goes through the breach. Their masters are watching and studying how the Jaegers fight.If Cherno Alpha has 6 kills, that's six times the Precursors have studied Cherno's abilities and tactics.
0 # 5 июня 2013 в 02:29 0
Everything is racist now a-days. Oh, I spit on the ground near a different colored person without even knowing they were there. "RACIST! RACIST! SHAME ON YOU!"It's awful. Just awful.
0 # 5 июня 2013 в 19:52 0
its stupid that when other ''skin colours'' die its rasict in a movie but when a white person dies its ok we are a race to?
0 # 6 июня 2013 в 04:37 0
yes they were, but you have to remember the film took place towards the end of the war, crimson typhoon had killed 7 Kaiju by this time and Cherno six, go to PR website and look up the bios about every Jaeger (both the ones in the movie and not in it) it will tell you details about them. tell me this; how many jaegers appeared in the film? if you say 4 wrong, if you say 5 wrong if you say 6 wrong...a total of 8 appeared if u include the TV appearences and so on. including my fav Tacit Ronin
0 # 6 июня 2013 в 11:49 0
don;t forget about the ones in the comic theyappeared but they didnt show or say
0 # 6 июня 2013 в 16:36 0
how is it racist? they were actually more experienced pilots so if anything they were complimented in the film, thye just were unlucky (well Typhoon was unlucky as it's head was ripped off...Cherno was attacked by a second Kaiju they didn't even know was there, it was like "clever girl" from jurasssic park all over again
0 # 8 июня 2013 в 00:46 0
For once, take out race in this. They have to be destroyed to show to every moviegoers that the Kaijus were an actual threat as the opening states that the human race was loosing Jaegers no matter how advanced NOR what country they belong to. How could they be a threat if the last Jaegers on record just simply can't kill them? The Kaijus know how to fight them.I'm a fan of Cherno Alpha and I don't mind it dying instantly or maybe I'm just well adjusted to this(I blame Gundam) that I don't mind.
0 # 8 июня 2013 в 11:40 0
Lets ignore that the American jaeger was destroyed in the beginning of the movie and it would have stayed destroyed if not for a Japanese woman...How many American Jaegers were destroyed by Kaiju?Romeo Blue (MK1), Hydra Corinthian (MK4), Mammoth Apostle(MK4), Gipsy Danger (Mark 3, destroyed twice)
0 # 8 июня 2013 в 23:46 0
The Novelization. The Writer for Pacific Rim Travis Beacham, and the "Official" Pacific Rim wiki.
0 # 9 июня 2013 в 13:52 0
No it wasn't, it was based on Mecha Anime and Japanese monster movies.... and Power Rangers.
0 # 10 июня 2013 в 14:38 0
Well after Gipsy was destroyed, they show news footage of the destroyed Jaegers from around the world,One of them was Romeo Blue, the two Mark 4's were confirmed destroyed in the novel along with the writer.
0 # 13 июня 2013 в 07:57 0
Yeah it was disappointing to see not see them in action a bit more. But The entire point was that it was the 1st time 2 bad guys had shown up, and that's why the russian one got killed so easy at least. But yeah the chinese getting killed by some random tail attack was a bit gay. Its certainly not racist thow.
0 # 14 июня 2013 в 02:43 0
A slight mention of racism brought hate to my comment... jeeze, people just don't get the point. I said it was silly, and it was. End of story.
0 # 14 июня 2013 в 16:23 0
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0 # 15 июня 2013 в 08:10 0
0 # 15 июня 2013 в 11:57 0
0 # 15 июня 2013 в 15:09 0
ima a big mecha fan and this movie gives me hope that an awsome macross movie can be made!!! crossing my fingers
0 # 17 июня 2013 в 18:02 0
will definitely get this on blu ray ..
0 # 18 июня 2013 в 04:05 0
Really tiresome hearing everyone's rants that no one gives a shit about.Oh wait, I guess you're going to say i give a shit because I replied.Not really.
0 # 19 июня 2013 в 10:56 0
That's a losing bet.
0 # 20 июня 2013 в 22:02 0
That doesn't even make sense. Can't you even stay on the topic that you started?You said "bet you saw Grown Ups 2" which I did not. I have never even heard of it. It seems like a strange straw at which to grasp...and this movie is unoriginal. They dance around the admission of this fact in this video when they attempt to claim that although they are all inspired by anime, that they are somehow not influenced by it. They then go out of their way to not refer to mechs as mechs.
0 # 20 июня 2013 в 22:49 0
A global movement is way better than the MORE USUAL Holywood shit which is Americans saving the day. It's quite rare for these days to see that.
0 # 21 июня 2013 в 06:12 0
If there was one thing that really urked me about this movie, it's how damn fast and useless half the Jaegers were. Damn it I wanted to see the four armed one do some real damage and make it into a second act fight.
0 # 21 июня 2013 в 18:18 0
I respect his policy on not taking any inspiration from other media but i personally think that that would've have been an awesome idea! think of the mechs they could have had if they designed some from Gundam, Broken Blade or, dare i say it GURREN LAGANN!!!
0 # 21 июня 2013 в 18:20 0
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0 # 23 июня 2013 в 10:19 0
The GlaDOS voice just make this movie even more awesome!!!
0 # 25 июня 2013 в 11:26 0
1. Category 5 Kaiju. Strong motherfuckers.2. They didn't destroy the alien homeworld. They only destroyed the Kaiju Creation Facility.
0 # 25 июня 2013 в 11:47 0
Oh also your name is crimson typhoon and your profile picture is gypsy danger btw
0 # 25 июня 2013 в 17:23 0
Is there a Jaeger for the UK? there better be since most of the actors are english.
0 # 26 июня 2013 в 00:14 0
holy shit! Full Metal Panic much?
0 # 26 июня 2013 в 07:10 0
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0 # 26 июня 2013 в 19:06 0
UGH i wish he would just say it! Gundam and Super Sentai!!! Haha.
0 # 29 июня 2013 в 03:09 0
Glados WTF are you doing in this movie?'
0 # 29 июня 2013 в 12:38 0
she's here to TEST them
0 # 29 июня 2013 в 21:49 0
this reminds me of evangelion .it say the sam story line ,there are a few differents but not a lot .
0 # 30 июня 2013 в 12:27 0
You mean to there was human instrumentality as well as a secret organization that want instrumentality to happen and the Kaijus were looking for an Adam-like creature and obviously aren't biological weapons by an advanced alien race bent on taking the planet?
0 # 1 июля 2013 в 02:10 0
Actually Cherno Alpha reminds me of the Alpha Series of Bioshock 2.
0 # 1 июля 2013 в 09:37 0
Tetsujin-28. A very old anime and the anime that popularized mecha.
0 # 1 июля 2013 в 11:19 0
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0 # 1 июля 2013 в 15:17 0
Excuse me but did I hear FUCKING GLADOS?!
0 # 1 июля 2013 в 20:17 0
I agree. Especially since Cherno was supposed to be the most heavily armored and Crimson had that typhoon specialty.
0 # 1 июля 2013 в 20:32 0
Maybe they'll cover it in the comic book?
0 # 2 июля 2013 в 02:07 0
Tell me about it. If there are two things this movie got wrong it was doing away with its most cool mechs far too early. I mean damn it that team was supposed to be what was left of the best of the best and they lose that early? And it’s second failing would be the horrible throw away dialogue.
0 # 2 июля 2013 в 12:17 0
i bet your favorite was cherno ALPHA, am i right, or do you prefer OMEGON. hope my wordplay doesn't slide by you.
0 # 2 июля 2013 в 16:33 0
because low of the budge, they have to delete lots of scene for CA and CT.
0 # 2 июля 2013 в 16:37 0
That's a pity, considering it was THE THING people wanted to watch...
0 # 2 июля 2013 в 17:58 0
i think it was about an hour or so.
0 # 3 июля 2013 в 23:18 0
technically that's untrue. You get to see cameos of Coyote in the final cut, once during the prologue, and again during Mako Mori's dream sequence. Although it's really nothing more than a silhouette, but it does make it into the movie.But I left the theater wishing we had seen more of Pentecost's Jaeger. His character just made you beg for more of his story.
0 # 4 июля 2013 в 17:05 0
How could cutting any footage of Jaegers or Kaiju be a GOOD idea. Somone should execute those directors.
0 # 5 июля 2013 в 00:48 0
0 # 5 июля 2013 в 21:08 0
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0 # 5 июля 2013 в 23:00 0
Maybe because theyre always fighting in the sea, so water goes really high with the fight, throws, etc, to fall down looking like rain, at least i guess.
0 # 5 июля 2013 в 23:01 0
But do they have the moves like Jaeger?
0 # 6 июля 2013 в 19:15 0
you mean power rangers
0 # 6 июля 2013 в 23:35 0
fucking awsome movie! could use some more action in this movie tho..
0 # 8 июля 2013 в 06:30 0
Every time I see the title for this featurette I keep thinking we need a Battletech movie now.
0 # 8 июля 2013 в 20:59 0
I thought transformers were big
0 # 9 июля 2013 в 05:15 0
Nah. Typhoon's head, especially "The Eye" was designed after Hal 9000. Typhoon's head design and armor is significantly different than Unit-00 with a long and cylindrical head design which makes it look and function as a telescope as opposed to Unit-00's more "human" head design. Crimson Typhoon also has a very bulky armor design as opposed to Unit-00's much sleeker design...
0 # 9 июля 2013 в 14:28 0
Nah, the head and body are more Geth like than EVA.
0 # 10 июля 2013 в 13:19 0
Like video games? Like giant robots fighting to the death? Like laser sword fights? Id say that BATTLEON's MECHQUEST is PERFECT for you!
0 # 10 июля 2013 в 14:03 0
I've just watched the movie. I have to thank Guilhermo for this masterpiece. It's a incredible film, with amazing special efects and desing!! Thank you for this movie!
0 # 10 июля 2013 в 22:52 0
I found a robot that matches the size and destructive power of the Jaegers: Thor from StarCraft.
0 # 11 июля 2013 в 04:23 0
AW YEA! We dig giant robots!
0 # 11 июля 2013 в 05:52 0
3:21 give me
0 # 11 июля 2013 в 18:36 0
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0 # 12 июля 2013 в 00:14 0
Ok and what you love him or you are stupid ??
0 # 13 июля 2013 в 10:09 0
As an American, I would like to personally say that I am embarrassed that this movie did not open at number one at our box office. What movie beats it? Grown Ups 2.Great. Just great. After years of reality TV, like the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo and the Jersey Shore, its clear that our brains have finally devolved into mush. :-(
0 # 13 июля 2013 в 12:56 0
I blame the marketing and the mentality of most people where they thought this is another Transformers rip-off just because of having giant humanoid machines.
0 # 13 июля 2013 в 19:23 0
This really needs a sequel!
0 # 13 июля 2013 в 20:13 0
Without spoiling anything, I would suppose that the side that wins picks another fight! :P
0 # 14 июля 2013 в 16:43 0
Already in the making.
0 # 15 июля 2013 в 07:32 0
Cant wait! Ive seen it on cinema 3 times already! For those who havent seen it, the 3D is the best Ive seen since Avatar!
0 # 15 июля 2013 в 09:49 0
Who else would see a movie about a human civil war fought with jaegers?
0 # 16 июля 2013 в 15:44 0
Guillermo really needs to make "Decision at Thunder Rift"(the BattleTech book) into a movie. Like, I'd watch it 20 times. Then rent it 10 more times to watch at home. There's a huge community who would watch it, and it has a lot of potential. I'd bet that he could pull it off after seeing this.
0 # 17 июля 2013 в 00:33 0
overrated transformers rip off
0 # 17 июля 2013 в 23:29 0
haha,but srsly listen to the sound at the very beginning , and tell me that is not from the transformers and they brought nothing new with this movie
0 # 19 июля 2013 в 20:58 0
0 # 20 июля 2013 в 20:16 0
whatever man l don't give two shits about your weeaboo ass .
0 # 21 июля 2013 в 09:04 0
yeah dude this is nothing like transformers. I've seen all the transformers movies and pacific rim, and i can tell you its a LOT more like classic anime than transformers. the director said it himself.
0 # 21 июля 2013 в 12:46 0
what is the music when they activate Cherno Alpha...?
Администратор # 22 июля 2013 в 21:17 0
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0 # 25 июля 2013 в 02:15 0
wths wrong at the 0:57
0 # 25 июля 2013 в 12:09 0
Based on the comic, it turns out the other pilot blacked out while piloting the Coyote Tango. She later gets pulled from the program and dies of cancer because the Coyote Tango didn't have the necessary radiation shielding for the connpod. What a terrible way to go. Pentecost mentioned it gave him cancer in the movie as well.
0 # 25 июля 2013 в 23:01 0
0 # 26 июля 2013 в 08:56 0
AND the jaegers were kicking the kajuis ass until insert movie spoiler that a lot of people probaly didn't notice and they learned if you want i will post the thing if not then dont read on so the guy who sells kaiju parts linked with them like the crazy scinetist and thats how they learned about it and thats also why they learned again how to disable them with the pulse there you go
0 # 27 июля 2013 в 15:02 0
why dont they just nuke the kaiju out?whould be easier and cheaper, without building giant robots that fight them by hand
0 # 28 июля 2013 в 00:45 0
They actually did that....it wasn't pretty for San Francisco and maybe even Manila. Nukes may be cheaper but rebuilding everything back since you wiped-out an entire city off the face of the planet sounds way more expensive and even more destructive than a mech.
0 # 28 июля 2013 в 14:09 0
Does anyone remember the game "Metal Fatigue"?^^
0 # 28 июля 2013 в 15:36 0
Cherno is so cool and got so little screentime....yes , a prequel is needed , Pacific Cherno! now with TF2 hats
0 # 31 июля 2013 в 11:06 0
Growing up we had Shogun warriors and Godzilla...this is like that for the 21st century. Like he said about youth, I loved it now at my age, would have loved it in my youth as well!
0 # 1 августа 2013 в 19:00 0
0 # 2 августа 2013 в 00:40 0
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0 # 2 августа 2013 в 23:18 0
Yes it does... except gipsy danger is... what? 40 feet high? 45 feet? Excellent movie by the way :)
0 # 3 августа 2013 в 09:46 0
Thank you for correcting me kind sir; 260 feet it is.
0 # 4 августа 2013 в 09:21 0
Yes I did - 3 times in fact. Sorry for the Jaeger's exact height error. Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon was my favourite, too bad both of these machine got destroyed. Did you know both machine are model after Zaku and Guncannon from the Gundam series? Love it when Del Toro place his love on the anime of his youth :)
0 # 4 августа 2013 в 13:32 0
i think its way bigger then that
0 # 4 августа 2013 в 16:34 0
What is it with this mech warrior BS. Hasent anyone of you seen Robot Jox.
0 # 6 августа 2013 в 04:07 0
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0 # 6 августа 2013 в 20:10 0
Also it was a mark1 Jaeger and had lasted 6 years (i think) it was the best, until it got destroyed.
0 # 8 августа 2013 в 12:43 0
hell a movie just about the russian side of it would stand brilliantly on it's own. Both as a culture piece and a goddamned amazing action film
0 # 9 августа 2013 в 03:57 0
sorry but the australian striker jaeger is probably the best, its got alotta firepower and the fact its so fast and fluid makes it the most effective I think, but thats no to say cherno alpha isnt awesome though!
0 # 11 августа 2013 в 02:42 0
Striker is the latest Mark V, Mark 1, 2,3 are much older, manufactured way long before Mark V even created. It's the only Mark V ever built. It's the first and the last because it is the most expensive Jaeger to build (cost $100 billion), thus one of the reason why they stop the Jaeger program and went to construct Anti Kaiju Wall instead. Striker has pretty much above average battle, stats Strength: 10, Agility 10, Armor 9. Source: Pacific Rim: Man, Machines and Monsters.
0 # 12 августа 2013 в 00:55 0
Cherno was a 1st Gen mech. Striker was the culmination of everything learned from every Jaeger before it.
0 # 12 августа 2013 в 15:17 0
Actually, if someone has the intelligence to jump on it, the Kaiju war would be a GREAT premise for a regular series.
0 # 14 августа 2013 в 03:34 0
im so feeling your pain and i agree with you on everything. when those two got taken down i was upset but i still enjoyed the movie and went to watch it again.
0 # 14 августа 2013 в 22:29 0
not the strongest just the most advanced. the strongest was cherno alpha and the most powerful was probably crimson typhoon.
0 # 14 августа 2013 в 23:16 0
Don't misstake strongest for best. Cherno had the most Strength, which made him the Strongest. This has nothing to do with surviving. Striker was very agil for a Jaeger and Gipsy was the best because he had the best Pilots, and neither translates into raw Power. And all 4 Jaegers made it to the End, after years of fighting, they ALL got destroyed in one Day.
0 # 15 августа 2013 в 04:30 0
Thats true, those two made it to the Rim, and Gypsy even went through. I see how that sets them appart from the others.
0 # 15 августа 2013 в 21:08 0
"Constructed shortly before the retirement of the Jaeger Program, Striker Eureka is the first and only Mark-5 series Jaeger. Holding the best stats of all currently deployed Jaegers and the highest kill count, Striker Eureka is the strongest Jaeger currently in the field of combat against the Kaiju. The Australian division of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps invested a reported $100 billion into the creation of Striker to create the most powerful Jaeger on the planet." Taken directly from the wikia
0 # 17 августа 2013 в 10:40 0
Ok first of all the reason that gypsy danger didnt use the sword before was because it didnt have it till Raleigh Becket rejoined the jaegar program. and secondly you bitch about them only using there fists while fighting but then bitch about the one truly advanced weapon? what weapons would you prefer them to use. machine guns? rockets? nukes? a baseball bat? im very curious as to what kinda weapons you would prefer them to use.
0 # 18 августа 2013 в 10:49 0
I'm with you there, I wanted to see a Jaeger come out with a huge machine gun or bazooka. Having watched both Transformers (Unicron Trilogy and movies) and Mobile Suit Gundam, it only seemed natural for the Jaegers to have close range weapons like swords like you said, but primarily use long range weaponry like the MK5 Jaeger has built in. To me, you go in guns blazing to weaken the enemy, and if you run out of ammo or something, then you go in bare knuckles. Even with all this, GREAT MOVIE.
0 # 18 августа 2013 в 12:49 0
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0 # 18 августа 2013 в 22:35 0
lol you replied to a random spam from some dude in india
0 # 20 августа 2013 в 01:34 0
This movie is fucking amazing! It's really similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion. I also loved to hear GLaDOS once again. Hahahaha!
0 # 21 августа 2013 в 12:03 0
I love this movie. And the soundtrack! Dayum!
0 # 22 августа 2013 в 07:06 0
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0 # 22 августа 2013 в 14:56 0
I saw Gurren Lagann, Evangelion, Gundam, Attack on Titan, even Big O.
0 # 25 августа 2013 в 14:52 0
Eren Jaeger
0 # 27 августа 2013 в 00:10 0
I just realized that they used GLaDOS's voice for the console voice in the Jaegers. Did anyone else hear that at 1:49?
0 # 27 августа 2013 в 10:29 0
oh wow
0 # 28 августа 2013 в 23:49 0
It's GLaDOS! From the Portal series!
0 # 29 августа 2013 в 11:54 0
Yeah, that was a big thing on the internet when they first revealed it in the initial trailer.
0 # 30 августа 2013 в 22:30 0
This reminds me so much of Mech Warrior.
0 # 31 августа 2013 в 17:46 0
2:00 she was Lt. S.(Sasha) Kaidanovsky, Lt. A.(Alexsis) Kaidanovsky was her husband
0 # 1 сентября 2013 в 13:51 0
Dont forget Tracit Ronin!!!!!!!!!
0 # 2 сентября 2013 в 16:33 0
my favorite jeagers are gypsy danger and striker eureka
0 # 3 сентября 2013 в 01:00 0
The film got terrible reviews, but I think the general audience realy liked it and they made money from it, so we want another pacific rim
0 # 3 сентября 2013 в 11:56 0
Actually, this got better reviews than Transformers or on some websites like Rotten Tomatoes, this was better reviewed than Man of Steel.
0 # 4 сентября 2013 в 11:10 0
its because anime enthusiasts keep saying that its based off of this anime or that one. Evangelion fans are especially vocal.
0 # 4 сентября 2013 в 17:27 0
i these mech more look like spartans from halo the mech out of other games
0 # 5 сентября 2013 в 19:37 0
even tho the background story is on a comic book, a prequel would rock!
0 # 5 сентября 2013 в 21:28 0
all of the jaegers are destroy in the movie xd
0 # 6 сентября 2013 в 02:42 0
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0 # 6 сентября 2013 в 10:03 0
Because it is.
0 # 6 сентября 2013 в 15:19 0
The "heart" of Cherno resembles the cockpit placement of a Gundam, but its main design inspiration came from Mr. Fusion.
0 # 6 сентября 2013 в 18:43 0
Mr. Fusion is the reactor for the time machine in Back to the Future.
0 # 6 сентября 2013 в 20:01 0
Mr. Fusion was the reactor of the time machine in Back to The future. Both were inspired by the Zaku II and Mr. Fusion.
0 # 7 сентября 2013 в 14:56 0
You feel a movie with giant robots was too futuristic ...
0 # 8 сентября 2013 в 05:55 0
How about we pay to watch so that the awesome people that made this movie get paid, and then feel like making more awesome shit?!
0 # 8 сентября 2013 в 15:28 0
coyote tango is a japanese jaeger,therefore,it must be a strong jaeger because they're technology is futuristic,but it is the weakest..Whatta disappointment.
0 # 8 сентября 2013 в 19:29 0
yes but it was deffective ... not becuase it was japanese .. and japan is not the best at tech we americans are.. we just cant afford to use it as much...
0 # 9 сентября 2013 в 02:40 0
Nah bro aussies had the best mate.
0 # 9 сентября 2013 в 18:47 0
If you read the prequel book: Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero, Coyote Tango was initially piloted by two pilots ( Stacker Pentecost and Tamsin Sevier), but Tamsin passed out, therefore forcing Stacker to pilot it all by himself when he fought Onibaba ( Crab like Kaiju) in Tokyo, he won, but it costed him his health. The constant exposure to the radiation from the nuclear reactor was making him ill.
0 # 9 сентября 2013 в 19:59 0
Pacific Rim atiwantmovies.info
0 # 10 сентября 2013 в 00:51 0
Gundam? No. Gundam only served as one of the few dozen of mecha animes that inspired this film.
0 # 11 сентября 2013 в 01:48 0
if they do its completely coincidental. You apparently didnt watch the featurette or you would know that they are not based even a tiny bit off of Gundam. So stop trying to say its similiar to or that its based off of this anime or that anime.
0 # 11 сентября 2013 в 12:55 0
Typhoon is not based off a Geth. He's designed after Hal 9000(well, the eye, anyways)
0 # 11 сентября 2013 в 13:40 0
ok first of all tell me which wiki to read so i can see this bullshit for my self and second, you apperently didnt watch the featurette. your just as bad as the DUMBASSES who think its based off of Neo Genesis Evangelion. Del Toro on multiple occasions says that its inspired by japanese anime but not based off of any anime. he wanted his designers to come up with original designs that would fit the pacific rim universe and not any anime. any similarities to any anime is purely coincidental.
0 # 11 сентября 2013 в 14:26 0
I'm sorry if I've upset you. I'm probably reading into this way more than i need to. and the more i think of it the more i think that maybe during the designing process one of the designers took the silhouette of a known mech like Tetsujin 28 and based a mech off of it without Del Toro knowing about it. and i agree that the inspiration came from old Japanese anime. i guess that was what i was ultimately trying to say. again sorry i went all fanboy on you. wasn't intentional.
0 # 11 сентября 2013 в 22:10 0
i really just want credit due where its due and for people to not get mad at Del Toro for supposedly ripping off a certain anime. in my opinion i think that Del Toro had original ideas and did not rip off anything from any anime but instead drew inspiration from the animes he used to watch as a kid.