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новинки кино 2013 комедии The Lone Ranger 2013 trailer - Official movie trailer 2012 in HD - starring Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, Tom Wilkinson - directed by Gore Verbinski - from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski, the filmmaking team behind the blockbuster "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, comes Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer Films' "The Lone Ranger," a thrilling adventure infused with action and humor, in which the famed masked hero is brought to life through new eyes."The Lone Ranger" movie hits theaters on July 3, 2013.Native American spirit warrior Tonto (Johnny Depp) recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid (Armie Hammer), a man of the law, into a legend of justice--taking the audience on a runaway train of epic surprises and humorous friction as the two unlikely heroes must learn to work together and fight against greed and corruption. The Lone Ranger movie trailer 2012 is presented in full HD 1080p high resolution.THE LONE RANGER 2013 MovieGenre: Action and AdventureDirector: Gore VerbinskiCast: Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, Tom Wilkinson, William Fichtner, Barry Pepper, James Badge Dale, Ruth Wilson, Helena Bonham CarterThe Lone Ranger official movie trailer courtesy Walt Disney Pictures.Streaming Trailer is your daily dose of new movies. Our passionate team of producers brings to you the best of officially licensed movie trailers, clips and featurettes.Tags: "the lone ranger trailer" the lone ranger official trailer 2013 "the lone ranger" hd movie 2012 "lone ranger" "lone ranger trailer" "the lone ranger trailer 2013" "lone ranger trailer 2013" "the lone ranger trailer 2012" "johnny depp" "armie hammer" "gore verbinski" johnny depp armie hammer gore verbinski "lone ranger movie" "lone ranger 2013" "movie trailer" "film trailer" "official trailer" "trailer 2013" "trailer 2012" movies trailers film films today week month "lone ranger 2012" премьеры фильмов 2013 май

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Комментарии (40)
0 # 13 апреля 2013 в 00:07 0
Depp as Tonto is just hilarious. Talk about miscasting! I'll pass on this dribble.
0 # 17 апреля 2013 в 14:48 0
I can't wait to watch it! I loved pirates of the Caribbean and home this movies better than it.
0 # 19 апреля 2013 в 18:04 0
and Disney says NO THANKS to Julio...go back to your schoolyard...right back at cha ...... boo yah!
0 # 25 апреля 2013 в 20:54 0
tonto finally useful in this movie
0 # 27 апреля 2013 в 03:35 0
Captain Jack Sparrow transforms into a stoic Indian? smh...
0 # 28 апреля 2013 в 11:10 0
we all know this movie will suck
0 # 29 апреля 2013 в 08:58 0
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0 # 29 апреля 2013 в 20:51 0
Does the Lone Ranger even have any lines in this movie?
0 # 30 апреля 2013 в 05:05 0
The issue is that it's typical hollywood white washing and racism. The people who don't see the issue, tend to be the ones who are not effected by it. Minorities, especially Native Americans have every right to be offended though. Especially when the role of Tonto could have gone to an actual Native American, instead of a white guy. Depp can get any role he wants, its incredibly hard for minorities who want to act, to actually find acting roles and this movie is why.
0 # 3 мая 2013 в 12:55 0
uhh.... no
0 # 4 мая 2013 в 03:48 0
Yes, but, he is so far removed from it that you could hardly call it that. It's like his great-great-grandmother or something like that. It just barely counts.
0 # 4 мая 2013 в 03:56 0
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0 # 4 мая 2013 в 22:45 0
Damn Hollywood, when will you come to your senses? (No disrespect to Johnny Depp), still having whites portray Native Americans in movies. In the original television series they got Jay Silverheels (a real Native American actor) to play Tonto...and this was in 1938! Surely there had to be someone out there of Indian ancestry talented enough to play Tonto in 2013.
0 # 5 мая 2013 в 03:35 0
is it just me? or i'm seeing the apple icon on the right side of the video?
0 # 5 мая 2013 в 12:08 0
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0 # 9 мая 2013 в 12:12 0
At first I thought this was going to be almost a Tim Burton Movie. I mean the Face paint on Tonto has a Burtonesque feel to it, I was sure it was, but guess not. Still it a Johnny Depp Movie gotta watch.
0 # 12 мая 2013 в 05:52 0
the commercial before this was the lone ranger!!! haha awesome!
0 # 12 мая 2013 в 11:09 0
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0 # 12 мая 2013 в 20:41 0
0 # 12 мая 2013 в 23:32 0
Hope it's better than prince of persia
0 # 13 мая 2013 в 09:17 0
So I came here to see the trailer (an advertisement) and there's an ad in front of it. Do ads now need sponsors? This is so messed up! And yeah I realize it's been going on a while. Expect it to get worse.
0 # 14 мая 2013 в 17:18 0
Fucking spammer scum
0 # 18 мая 2013 в 01:20 0
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0 # 19 мая 2013 в 07:52 0
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0 # 21 мая 2013 в 17:43 0
I tuned in the tv and seen part of the commercial and I was intised. After I was able to see the entire trailer I was blown away "Disney" is behind this. Not the mouse. Lol I'm just siked, I actually want to watch a Disney movie. Lmao.
0 # 22 мая 2013 в 20:36 0
i know rite???? they are always together..........i heard three of them are partners, rite???
0 # 25 мая 2013 в 04:39 0
however theirs real native actors that can play the part. Gary Farmar who was side by side with depp, stealing the scenes could have played tonto goes to show you they only hire depp because of his name the movie prob aint shit
0 # 25 мая 2013 в 17:54 0
I shown you something :)
0 # 27 мая 2013 в 20:42 0
I'm going to watch it!! No doubt!!! So my type of movies!
0 # 28 мая 2013 в 19:47 0
Having the elite play the oppressed is never a good idea. Especially when they're an idiot like Depp. That costume is *so* embarrassing. He took it from a painting painted by a white guy. I used to like him. So having people of color playing white people isn't a problem, having white people play black, yellow, or red-face is never ok.
0 # 29 мая 2013 в 03:01 0
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0 # 29 мая 2013 в 07:30 0
I agree with demi..if u dnt lyk dis video then y do u watch it huhh? ? Nd he is d best actor of hollywood nd his fashion sense is cool..who r u 2 judge him freak? ? U r nt in dat position dude..
0 # 29 мая 2013 в 22:50 0
Depp is a pompous ego freak, Michael Jackson nut case dressing up in make-up and stupid roles, like a child. There are serious issues in the world, and this is what he chooses to do? He is just an "actor" so what? A social worker is more worthy for accolades than this , stupid celebrity obsessed fans that have no life think he is a god, he is a dumb actor, without a conscious that makes LOTS of greedy money, and has nothing to give to humanity except for Disney Crap.
0 # 30 мая 2013 в 09:50 0
You pompous ASS !!!If you don't like Depp OR Disney movies,.... NOBODY asked you to (a) watch this trailer; & (b) tell the world about how big a fool you are.
0 # 31 мая 2013 в 14:08 0
Johnny Depp!
0 # 2 июня 2013 в 10:56 0
why is tonto overly native american in the old show he didn't have war paint or an fucking crow hat and for fuck sake why is Johnny Depp in every live action Disney movie.
0 # 4 июня 2013 в 04:19 0
Visit a reservation nearest you.
0 # 4 июня 2013 в 20:25 0
So wait, let me get this strait; because I think they misnamed it. We were on "Pirates Of The Caribbean 4", "Pirates Of The Caribbean 5" is coming out next year, I think that actually makes: "The Lone Ranger"- "Pirates Of The Caribbean 4.5". Either that or they could have called it: "Tonto and Some Guy In A Mask". Just saying...
0 # 6 июня 2013 в 14:32 0
You tell'em man! I've been saying the same thing for weeks. And the fucked up thing about is Hollywood believes that a white man can play a Native American better than a REAL native American. SO disrespectfull. Theres a lot of great Native American actors that could have played Tonto.
0 # 7 июня 2013 в 00:32 0
that war paint and crow aint original their copying from an native american painting... I think Depp is one hell of and actor however he is not native american or his ancestors his roots are most likely eastern europe